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Tuesday, July 26

2sday Tuesdays

it's 2'sday again!

so my awesome/lovely/stinkin cute girly friend came up to visit this week!
our families have been super close since...who knows. so it was really good to see a familiar Texan here in Utah...so naturally we did a photoshoot together right? yeah...cuz that's what every normal person does.

99.9% of pictures we took were goofy of course. but hey we tried. we both couldn't stop laughing. i picked the most normal ones...you're welcome for sparing you

hat: papaya necklace: CherryLane boutique 
tank: Banana Repub Outlet Cardi: Nordstrum Rack Capris: Kohls


shirt: Buckle jeans:older sissy's closet!
necklace:NY&Co. earrings:Target ring:James Avery

P.S. see the super rad photoediting? Yah those were taken with an iPhone app. Maile told me about it and we used hers...best 1.99 spent right? It comes with a bunch of different "lens" so the pictures have different styles. Maile said you have the option to buy more lens, but they aren't super fantastic.So if you buy the app, I wouldn't buy the extra lens...cuz you prob won't use them much. The ones that you get initially are the best she said.
The app is called  

pretty rad huh? Mhhmm...thats what i thought

p.p.s so excited, my cut from my little adventure is finally starting to go away. woohoo!

p.p.p.s don't forget to link up 
what you wore for 2sday Tueday!

Wednesday, July 20

R is for romper

you hated them when you were little...right? how do I feel about them now?

um. i want one. 

the best thing about rompers is layering them with different things and making them look even cuter! which means if you get the right color then you can wear them for summer AND fall.

For instance, the whole tights under the romper dealio

yeah i know...i want those boots too. 

another look with the romper I like is the blazer

but lemme guess, you have the classic problem of: 
"they look so good on a hanger, and no-so-good not on a hanger"

yeah, i've been there...trust me.  I feel like body type totally matters with these suckers.

if you have a long torso...im sure your thinking.."whhaa?" yeah thats because these things always look good on you. 
if you're petite like me then listen up: I've found that the banded waist rompers look the best. 

when you're at the store I recommend this...ONLY look at the different styles of rompers (high waisted, where the drawstring is, V or swoop neck, length of the straps) grab a bunch of different styles (even if you hate the print) then go try them on. only look at how they fit you not the overall look. This way you'll be able to tell which style looks best on you and go from there. 

it saves time so you can go stuff your face since your new romper hides that food baby of yours now.
 eh kinda...depends on the style of the romper. 
Lets call it the i-can-get-away-with-eating-anything romper style.

Tuesday, July 19

2sday Tuesdays

Hello ladies! I know, I know...shun. I've been gone a lot lately...but you should be blaming economics and my boyfriend. I mind economics class making me busy, but not so much the boyfriend
and you know what he told me tonight? he told me to get my bum back to blogging...yeah you like him now huh? yeah, me too :] AND you get to meet him when we get to S in our AlphabetSoup, so hang on to the edge of that seat of yours missy

anyways, i was sick all day today...so Candace and I couldn't have our fashion shoot pow-wow. SO I'm posting about my favorite trend right now...why? because it'll give you more than just your ordinary 2sday tuesday...try a 2000 tuesday...betcha didn't see that one coming did ya

So here are some tricks to color blocking:
sometimes you win and sometimes you lose on color blocking, right? Not anymore! So the whole idea of getting an A++ in color blocking is to contrast the colors but still mix them.
remember mr.color wheel? Yeah he's going to show ya a thing or two...
1. Matching colors that form a 90 degree angle.(example: violet and blue-green, red-violet and orange, green and orange, etc.)
2. Adjacent Colors.These always look great! And if you're feeling a little color block shy, start out on this. (example: yellow-orange and yellow, blue and blue-green, etc)
3. Colors across from eachother. This is the usual color blocking you see. ladies, please don't go sporting red and green until Christmas time. deal? My favorite contrast colors are violet and yellow...they're a knockout...every time
4. And the "eh close enough combo" you can always get away with substituting a color...like pink with red and still get away with it. Just make sure you get the thumbs up from the roomie, sis, or mom before you head out the door
5. Colors that form a X. violet, blue-green, orange, and yellow. It doesn't have to be a perfect X...just play with it a little on this one 
                                        6. Colors that form a T.  I love this one...blue,orange, and violet-red  
Yeah so did you keep count of how many outfits you now have to wear? 2,000 right? right. And...my work here is done. 

AND i just so happen to have a very colorful outfit picture...the picture was taken for my momma because I was overenthusiastic about a Justin Bieber dance party. This is my attempt at the Biebs style...you got in free if you nailed it. Guess who got in free that night? ;] 

alright, NOW...since i've been a slacker, just tell me your favorite color combo in your link up and you get your cutesy bloggy linked up without having to get all spiffy. 
k can we be friends again now?

Tuesday, July 12

2sday Tuesdays

 hey ladies! it's that time again! :]

k, well today is 2sday Tuesday once again.
still confused?

it's the fantastic day where me and a fellow blogger get spiffied up just for you AND you get to show us your spiffiness. AND since it's 2sday...you get to link up two different outfits. 

shirt: F21 shorts: you know where hat: Marshalls


shirt: H&M lacy tank: f21 shorts: f21 watch: Nixon
p.s. candace's shirt...super cute! why? because it's from H&M....wanna know something even more awesome?
H&M is coming THIS fall to salt lake city Utah! and cue: squeals 
yeah be excited! now ya'll won't have to drive all the way to vegas to cure your shopping addiction

alright ladies, don't be shy, let me see ya strut your stuff. Link up your cute outfit...and remember you can double dip in linkies by going to Lovely Little Rants and linking up there! the only requirement is to be a google follower of AlphabetSoup.

Friday, July 8

Q is for Quick!

Alright ladies listen up, so on the way to return something...I got distracted. and lucky you...ok and lucky me

I found myself staring at drooling over a pair of these suckers:

guess where they were? Clearance section...oohhh baby!

I got mine for $20, they are the CUTEST shorts. And for once they weren't booty shorts.I've been wanting a pair of bow shorts...but they were at least $40 bucks everywhere I looked!

mine are navy blue...this grey is the other color they come in.

Where are these shorts you ask? American Eagle.
and they JUST so happen to have a sale that started yesterday....on all their shorts.
CUTE shorts.

and on TOP of that...guess what else?
starting yesterday through the 19th, if you spend over $40 you get $10 off

they have a bunch of cute stuff at the one closest to me, and I'm going back...haha I didn't have enough time when I last went in. 

and...you're welcome
over and out. 

p.s. all bow shorts are awesome. my bow shorts and I...we are in love.not like.love.

p.p.s. new tutorial up!

Wednesday, July 6

P is for Pink

while it's not my favorite color, it is the IN color for this summer...scratch that the year
well ok, if you want to be more specific the color of the year is Honeysuckle 

Who says?
A team of New York designers get together to decide what colors are going to be "in" and whats going to be "out". Once they decide, all the major lines start making the majority of those clothes in that color. 

The other colors picked for spring/summer 2011 are:

These colors looking familiar ladies? So next time you're shopping keep a look out for these colors, especially that pretty pink...because you'll be seeing it all year long. The best combo colors to go with Honeysuckle are:  black, navy, charcoal or light to mid gray. But I'm in love with this outfit, it draws attention to the pink...ahem "honeysuckle"

mmK, now you've been educated...class dismissed

Tuesday, July 5

The first of future 2sdays with AlphabetSoupStyle and Lovely Little Rants

Remember my little meeting with the stinking adorable girl behind Lovely Little Rants? Well, since we're neighbors and all "in real life" not "fake life" ...we've decided to officially dub Tuesdays as 2sdays

wanna know the best part?
you get to be a part of it.

Every 2sday, you and another one of your favorite bloggers will dress up and have a double fashion shoot....OR you can just dress up with a not-a-blogger friend and take pictures together AND link up. Let's face it, blogging rocks...but we still love the regular people right? right! 

serving up the first of many fantastic 2sdays

Shirt: thrifted jeans: f21 Belt: Junky Trunk boutique

dress: Cherry Lane boutique backpack: ross cardigan: old navy 
shoes: DSW belt: nordstrum

Alright, so if by some miracle you were on the same wavelength as us and went out and took pics with a friend...heres the link up: AND if you didn't I will leave this open until sunday and you can go make a fashion friend.
make sure to include where ya'll got your stuff!