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Sunday, February 27

G is for Goodness

ME Shirt: Old Navy (little boy's section! woot!) Cami: New York and CO
Jeans: Agaci 
ALYSSA top: ? cardi: Old Navy - they're on sale right now! Jeans: Rockstar

gracious. You heard me, goodness gracious. Why? Because I haven't had internet for the past who knows how long! AND I've actually been getting ready for the day this week! So this weekend was FABulous! Started off with boarding all day long with Alyssa. Why so fantastic? O no reason, there was just a MOUNTAIN full of powder! Which means Celeste's tooshie didn't hurt the bazillion times I fell on it. Saturday I watched BYU kick some SDSU basketball toosh...also fabulous. 

Then your favorite part ladies, I went shoppin!! And discovered a secret...so my little self was minding my own business at Old Navy and a stinkin cute plaid shirt caught my eye. Then I realized where I was...the Little Boys section. Before I knew it I was in the dressing room. And you know what?! It fit and it looks stinkin cute! Wanna know another secret? Boys clothes are cheaper...I got it for 10 buckaroos! I know, I know...Celeste, thats a bit questionable. My answer? O goody, more shirts for me! Once I get my internet working, I'll post the pictures of it! It is SO cute, I went to a party tonight in it...and got a ton of compliments on it. When I told'em where it was from they couldn't believe it! So challenge of the week ladies, go check out the little boys section and try something on!! Totally worth it...pinky promise! :] See you soon!

UPDATE:ok so this pic is from the party -yes I just tied that bowtie! impressive I know- anywho, so I'll post a pro pic when I get my computer working! Ya'll will survive til then :] loves!

Sunday, February 20

F is for fashion

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dress: Ross coat: Ross cardi: Agaci 
earrings:gift necklace: New York & Co. Purse: Kohls

inally ashion!

I know ya'll have all been waiting on the edge of your seats for this one! If you weren't then...well I'm glad your tooshies have been taking it easy. BUT...I thought it was about stinkin time we got to F so I could finally live up to my word saying this blog was a style blog...ish. Yes, its stuck in the ish phase of a blog, mainly because I'm too lazy to get dolled up before school and take pictures. And lets face it ladies, everyone at the end of the day looks like they've had their faces shoved in Crisco they're so shiny. So I will shelter you from my crisco self and lets just pretend I look fantastic everyday. Deal? deal. 

Anyways...fashion. I will let you in on a secret...my closet is a very dark place. Really it is, I'm obsessed with black, grey, and white. It might just stem from my love for Audrey Hepburn...shes just so stinkin classy! Its actually the standing joke in the apartment that I have so much black and white. So new years resolution: put some color in my life...er closet! Ya'll would be proud of me and my crisco afternoon face if you saw me. I've been coloring the crud out of my wardrobe, while losing a little bit more "green" than usual. But its worth it :] and...fun, ok well maybe just fun! I try not to think about it too much. But this is to all my classy Audrey Hepburn girls...put some color in your lives! People notice what your wearing more often...

Although, the story behind this photo shoot would prove otherwise. So while Alyssa and I are taking my first photoshoot ever...they're super awkward by-the-way...this boy drove by and whistled. Minutes later he drives back...and has a buddy with him. They pull over and start chatting it up and invite us to dinner-o no darlings, it gets better!-then they point to where they live, yeah see that red thingy-majobber in the background? Guess who lives literally right across from it?  hahaha...apparently after seeing us he went home, picked up his buddy, and drove the half a second to see us. AND after giving us his number, he drove ALL the way back to their apartment. Needless to say, Alyssa and I about peed our stinkin pants we were laughin so hard! 

Wednesday, February 9

E is for elephant


Yep, you heard me-elephant. Its totally applicable to me-and alyssa- because we've been eating like them. its true. Impossible feat you say? Nope, we do it practically everyday. BUT we started running this past week, so we can be elephants if we want. We are both suckers for deals though. There is a texting group called the Daily Skweez and they send you a text daily-or sometimes two if Alyssa and I are lucky-giving you the low down on some too-close-to-you-to-say-no fattening place you can stuff your face at. Add them if you have self control, otherwise you can join Alyssa and I's elephant club- maybe we'll make t-shirts? It really is a ton of fun though! Sometimes its a buy one get one free deal, so we call all of our friends and stampede our tooshies there. But they always have great deals! But, you only get them if you show the cashier your text. I'm pretty sure they do it nationwide! And its F-R-E-E :] which is my favorite price! One of my favorite skweezes is the one that Sammy's gives out. If you don't have a Sammy's- which means if you don't live in Provo or Rexburg- then you will never live life, sorry to break it to you.

#1- it is a rad hangout- where in town can you eat at a burger bar?!
#2- they have sweet potato fries! Need I say more?
#3- they take an ENTIRE piece of pie and stick in a blender and make a shake.
#4- did I mention it was an ENTIRE piece of pie!?

I think I'm going to try it myself at home one day- I'll let ya'll know if it works out. But now can't you see why Alyssa and I are going to be making elephant club membership cards?

Where is your favorite place to stuff your lovely faces?

Friday, February 4

D is for dancing


Alright, I know it looks like an O, but I pinky promise it's a D! Dancing pretty much is my favorite thing to do! I've been doing it since about the age I was four and LOOOVVE it! Nowadays I mostly go country swinging and dance parties. And THIS is why Utah rocks my socks- they're all danceaholics! Go figure huh? Country Swing is every weds. and sat. and there are always bunchies of people there! Alyssa and I went by ourselves the other night- it was the first time we actually didn't have a dance partner. Sad day? Ummmm heck no! Its SO much fun going with just another girly becuase you get to dance with everyone! Which is awesome because you are able to dance with people who REALLY know how to get it on! Downside- scary short old men who dance with you only because of your midget-sized-ness (yes that is now a word) Also after the night Alyssa and I run straight to the sink and wash our hands of all the people we danced with. Let's face it , not only do boys have cuties, but they have a horrible knack for never washing their hands. Sick and Nasty.

P.S. So I have a horrible knack for wasting time away looking at all these o-so-cute style blogs and can't help thinking...how do these girls have the energy to get ready like that everyday and then take pictures? I want to start blogging about style because I love it so much, but I doubt ya'll want to see me everyday, mainly because I just have days where I'm way too lazy to get ready. Maybe I should change my blog to With a hint of lazy. Or looking nasty, they're synonymous. Maybe I'll make the goal of a once a week I actually get ready-ness.