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Saturday, June 4

G is for a girl, good food, good times

see this lovely little lady?

she is the fabulous blogger behind Lovely Little Rants

well guess what we found out?

we live in the same city! who'd a thunk? 
wanna know what else?

alyssa and i just HAPPEN to be moving into her complex in less than 20 days
what the what?!

due to the ridiculousness of small worldness
we decided to meet up for lunch at Costa Vida

it was my first blogger meet up and we had a fantastic time chatting it up!
so i'd be selfish not to share her awesomeness/stinkin cuteness  

so make sure you give her a visit!

p.s. sorry i've been MIA the past couple days, but ladies do i have stories for you! it's been a nutso week. but nutso as in fantastic in case you were wondering. 

now get your bum off the computer and go play outside
except, if it's raining...maybe, ok only if it's cold rain then you can use that excuse.

1 comment:

  1. i am entirely jealous of you right now. yep. she is adorable. and i cannot wait to hear your stories.

    p.s. the 365 project is a pledge to take at least one picture a day for a year. i have had a relapse, so i'm glad you reminded me about it. a google search will hook you up with a million websites to link up your pictures to if you'd like to start!