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Thursday, June 30

O is for overweight

Alright so it has nothing to do with being overweight, i just needed ya'lls attention. weight doesn't matter, eating healthy...THAT matters.

Yep...ladies pay attention to my next statement
diet soda can make you gain weight

i'm getting my geek on and explaining myself.
so everyday before i read my email, i look at what yahoo headlines has to say. 
then today i read this line: 
Diet soda may be making you fat
and clicked on it out of curiosity...because my mom had always told me that you might as well have the good stuff instead of diet because it's just as bad.

i didn't believe her.
until now.

go mom huh?

i picked the best parts out for ya'll.
  • "Diet soft drinks may have minimal calories, but they can still have a major impact on your waistline, according to two studies presented at a meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego."
  • "...the aspartame could trigger the appetite but do nothing to satisfy it. That could interfere with your body's ability to tell when you're full—and could lead you to eat more in general"
  • "Your senses tell you there's something sweet that you're tasting, but your brain tells you, 'actually, it's not as much of a reward as I expected,'" Dr. Martin P. Paulus, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Diego and one of the authors of the study, told the Huffington Post. So you chase that no-calorie soda with something more caloric, like a salty snack. The sweet taste could also trigger your body to produce insulin, which blocks your ability to burn fat.

you're welcome for giving ya the down-low and letting you all be lazy...if you want to read the real article then click here

    Whats my take? Like everything else in life, I don't think there are shortcuts to anything. meaning, if you want to have a healthier body, cut soda completely. diet or no...it's better for you. 

    OR you can just do what i do...i only drink soda socially. haha it's true. I think that's the best way to do it.   

    In order to truly get what you want (i.e. a healthier lifestyle)...you have to put hard effort in. don't sell yourself short because someone pipes up saying...
    "hey you can still have everything you want without putting in effort." yeah...FALSE

    nothing worth anything...is ever easy

    i'm a firm believer in that and also in eating healthily...for the most part
    I may or may not have had three four donuts at 4am last night. BUT...i'm saying overall you should be healthy, or at least shoot for it. And cutting sodas? that's an easy fix i feel and has a major impact on how you feel. I use to have at least a can or two of soda a day.and now after cutting it, i just feel...better

    alright, now go store that in your gee-whiz file for the day :] 

    Wednesday, June 29

    N is for newton

    Alright so no not necessarily a newton bar...BUT it's better. I made these the other week and they were gone like THAT...*imagine me snapping* 

    They're actually tarts.They are so dang good and stinkin easy that if you don't make them...then you're grounded. 
    yes i just did that. so you better!

    also...next time I make this I may or may not throw a tea party :] I felt so dainty eating these haha. The recipe calls for all purpose white flour...but I just used wheat and 
    it tasted AWE-some. 

    my favorite part about it...you will actually have all the ingredients. I hate those recipes that say: 1/2 tsp of Tusejnkdsfbiaon ...and then your like "whaaaaa???" 
    Ya, you know the ones. stinkin recipe books...

    Anyways here it is lovelies:

    1    cup all-purpose flour (I used wheat remember!?)
    1    cup quick oats (I used old fashioned, worked just fine!)
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1/4 tsp  baking soda
    1/8 tsp  salt
    1/2 cup butter (make sure it's room temp)
    1    cup raspberry jam (I used strawberry)

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray small glass baking dish (8x8 or 8x11) with non-stick spray
    2. Combine flour, brown sugar, oats, salt and baking soda in a large bowl and mix. Make sure there are no clumps
    3. Smoosh the butter its the mixture. I used one of these and it should look like this  ------------>
    4. Sprinkle half of the mixture into the pan and press down to compact
    5. Drop the jam in small bits all over. Be careful because if you try to spread it, it may tear up the crumb topping off the bottom. p.s. make sure you leave 1/2 inch around the edges so the jam doesn't get onto your glass pan
    6. Sprinkle on the remaining crumb topping and pat down lightly. 
    7. Bake the jam bars for 35 mins. or until golden brown on top...let cool for 10 min 

    Now go have a tea party and stuff your faces...I mean
    daintily nibble 

    Wednesday, June 22

    M is for Moving

    i'm becoming a professional at it. In the past four years I've moved...one two three four five six seven eight times.
    ridic right?
    but i've met so many friendly faces doing it. 
    and NOW

    my new place is FAN-tastic
    decked out apt. huge TV. sound system. stinkin adorable and awesome roomies (yes Alyssa is included in that). sand vball court. swimming pool. hot tub. exercise room. big green grassy field
    and did I mention sand vball court?! 

    i played yesterday already.
    and there happens to be a VERY talented band set up just across the way...I listened to them jam as I was unpacking

    coolest place ever? i think yes. 
    but let me tell you...moving in a dress? not so smart and not so lady like as you'd think it'd be. you ladies prob already knew that...but hey i couldn't find any pants
    they were already packed ok? 
    after a few unloading runs, I finally realize i had left a pair deep in my trunk the other week. 
    so yes, having a messy car has it perks

    ...like when you need yourself a pair of pants because the moving boxes are hiking up your dress and making you flash your new neighbors

    after that i just sported capris under my dress - all my shirts were packed too.
    o yes, im sooo fancy
    if i could I would have thrown on a pair of tights instead...p.s. im currently drooling over this dress:

    and now you are too :]

    Tuesday, June 21

    L is for lost


    Alright storytime.

    Alyssa and I had just finished working out up at the school gym.
    we usually walk to the gym to burn off more calories, so now that we were done we were about to walk home in the dark.
    so there we were, Alyssa on her bike with me walking beside her.

    Alyssa realized that the indoor track door was open...and of course she goes up to it like shes going to ride her bike across the the track...and probably take out a few runners doing it.

    ANYways...so i totally thought she was going to do it so I ran in ahead in order to make sure the coast was clear.
    then Alyssa giggles, "Ha! nope!" and stays outside
    i decided to just run across and meet her on the other side of the building since the path meets up there anyways.

    i get out there. and...nothing.
    not a soul in sight.

    it was dark.cold. scary. 
    is alyssa really that slow?
    i waited. nothing. "Alyssa! come around the corner I'm waiting!" i yelled at the top of my lungs.

    i stood there trying to decide whether she went on without me and I should get my toosh moving to catch up or she still was waiting at that door for me to come back
    i sprint over to the otherside, glimpse around the corner. nothing.

    biggest adrenaline rush of my life. 
    i thought some scary nutso man would snatch me up, it was so late at nightso even after an hour of working out, I full out sprint all the way home. which ladies, is QUITE a ways.

    i was thinkin in my head the whole time, holy smokes shes so fast! where is she?!  i came to my apartment...aka hobo central nothing. and guess who had my keys and cell phone?
    i've never felt so naked.

    then i sprint all the way to a friends, and prob scared the crud out of him because i was about to collapse. he let me use his phone to call alyssa. nothing.
    was i freakin out? o yes. some big scary man just carried off my best friend.

    then the phone rang. haha a very very upset Alyssa was on the other side yelling at me saying, "Are you serious?!" she had been freaking out too.

    long story short. Alyssa happened to go halfway in to the door right when I decided to quickly look around the corner.
    why yes i have impeccable timing ladies.

    O the messes I make. BUT...ladies check this out:

    This is an exercise finder
    you select the area you want to work out 
    and then it gives you different workouts.

    mind blown? i thought so.

    heres the linky for it : Exercise Finder

    Monday, June 20

    K is for Killer

    yes, I'm alive. finals almost killed me over...really it did. But goodness I've got so much to tell!  Lets start off with me almost losing an eye...

    did that catch your attention? 

    so Alyssa,some friends, and I went out to the Mona rope swing. It's absolutely in the middle of no where, but it was gorgeous! 

    am I right or am I right? 

    so there we all were, enjoying the view...and yes slightly freezing our lil behinds off...it was windy

    and then the swinging started, it was SO much fun! There were TWO different platforms to go off...and of course we all went off the little one....

    then my little eye spied this sucker...

    i'll let ya'll in on a little secret...i'm a bit competitive...ok maybe a lot. All the boys were going off the highest platform. so of course that meant that little me had to do it.

    so up i climbed, and down I swang and

    there went the bottom rope knot into my eye

    so NOW i've got six stitches below my eyebrow. 
    lovely summer accessory right? 
    So I will prob be sportin' the shades and fun sunhats alot this summer so it doesn't scar.

    Here some shade-spiration and hat-spiration for you loves!

    personally: i just go to Ross or TJMaxx and pick me up a good pair of shades...they have snazzy ones there

    and sun hats- I go to CherryLane Boutique, a small gorgeous shop in Provo, Utah. They have stinkin cute ones! 

    Thursday, June 9

    J is for Just getting it done

    spring finals are next week...and that means its crunch time ladies

    which also means I'm going to be doing this little number before walking into the testing center

    alright, study break over. back to books. talk to ya soon loves!

    and remember...


    now go have fabulous thursday! 

    Wednesday, June 8

    I is for insane


    alright, i'm going to whine...but just for a bit. I'm taking Spring term classes and they are kickin my lil toosh
    and guess what?
    finals is next week...which is why i've been a tid bit quiet lately....because my life has been a little insane

    whine.whine.whine.  ok i'm done.

    lucky for ya'll
    you get to feel a little love from Shellsea...a stinkin cute blogger who spotlighted my blog -yesterday- hey things have been crazy remember? Not only did I post my favorite outfit

    but...theres a little secret I spilled over there...
    curious now aren't ya?

    ok i'll give ya a teensy-insy clue

    p.s. i really do think things are getting a lil too crazy up in here...thinkin about finding a few ladies to babysit my bloggy while my brain is melting away over textbooks...email me to let me know if your interested.  celeste.alphabetsoup@gmail.com

    Monday, June 6

    H is for hot

    Shirt: Nordstrom Rack ($9) Pants: you know where
    earrings: KOHLS ($6) Shades: JCP ($10)


    ladies, it was HOT today and as you can see I was a little bit excited about it. but good gosh it was about time! Utah finally realized it was summertime today. 

    so what did alyssa and I do this fine SUMMER sunday you ask? 

    a) hopped our bums on the moped to the park to do some reading out in the sun...ok we might have ended up just taking naps

    b) ate dinner with our church group...ummm free jambalaya? yes please!

    c) i made lemon poppyseed bread and o yes...new tutorial up soon!

    d) went into the canyons for more dinner (o yeah, we're bad i  know it) , a nice hike, and frisbi

    then the sun went down and i froze my lil feet off. BUT it was actually summer today...o yes it was

    also, my new red pants may or may not have made me a teensy bit happier...considering this number i did on them

    Saturday, June 4

    G is for a girl, good food, good times

    see this lovely little lady?

    she is the fabulous blogger behind Lovely Little Rants

    well guess what we found out?

    we live in the same city! who'd a thunk? 
    wanna know what else?

    alyssa and i just HAPPEN to be moving into her complex in less than 20 days
    what the what?!

    due to the ridiculousness of small worldness
    we decided to meet up for lunch at Costa Vida

    it was my first blogger meet up and we had a fantastic time chatting it up!
    so i'd be selfish not to share her awesomeness/stinkin cuteness  

    so make sure you give her a visit!

    p.s. sorry i've been MIA the past couple days, but ladies do i have stories for you! it's been a nutso week. but nutso as in fantastic in case you were wondering. 

    now get your bum off the computer and go play outside
    except, if it's raining...maybe, ok only if it's cold rain then you can use that excuse.

    Wednesday, June 1

    F is for fresh


    which is exactly what purple pants are in a gangsta kinda way. And also because Alyssa and I are in a bike gang...but only every Thursday night. BUT we're still hardcore because one of the bikes has a sound system on it...and ladies, it is LOUD and therefore fresh and hardcore. case and point. 
    I've had several posts about different colored pants and realized...

    I've never shown you my purple pants! and they.are.awesome.

    colored pants are definitely in right now. if you were to get a pair though, i'd go with red.
    they're easier to match in my opinion. 

    JCPenney has them right now in their Junior section for about 15 bucks! The brand is citystreets...and they are so awesome that even my momma wears them

    haha and yes that is my momma....now THAT is fresh. I about died when I woke up and went to bathroom to start getting ready and see these suckers blinding me. "my mom is awesome..."  was the only thought that crossed my mind for the next minute or so. I secretly wanted to steal them from her suitcase before she left Utah. Ok, maybe not so secret...i think i told her at least a dozen times throughout the day. 

    JCPenney. Junior Section. CityStreet Jeans. GO THERE.