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Wednesday, June 1

F is for fresh


which is exactly what purple pants are in a gangsta kinda way. And also because Alyssa and I are in a bike gang...but only every Thursday night. BUT we're still hardcore because one of the bikes has a sound system on it...and ladies, it is LOUD and therefore fresh and hardcore. case and point. 
I've had several posts about different colored pants and realized...

I've never shown you my purple pants! and they.are.awesome.

colored pants are definitely in right now. if you were to get a pair though, i'd go with red.
they're easier to match in my opinion. 

JCPenney has them right now in their Junior section for about 15 bucks! The brand is citystreets...and they are so awesome that even my momma wears them

haha and yes that is my momma....now THAT is fresh. I about died when I woke up and went to bathroom to start getting ready and see these suckers blinding me. "my mom is awesome..."  was the only thought that crossed my mind for the next minute or so. I secretly wanted to steal them from her suitcase before she left Utah. Ok, maybe not so secret...i think i told her at least a dozen times throughout the day. 

JCPenney. Junior Section. CityStreet Jeans. GO THERE.


  1. you are hilarious and these pictures are so fun. those pants are awesome... i'm going to have to find a penny's and grab myself a pair or three! love the purple color and your tee shirt <3shelby


  2. I wish I would look goodnin some! If so, I'd totally buy some! I love them! And I am incredibly jealous that you are in a bike gang and even more jealous because of the sound system. :)

  3. I am dying over this post...I love the purple pants and your bike! I've been a wanting a bike sooo badly lately! And citystreets always have adorable jeans! I just got some of their capris recently and it's love!

  4. wow I want those blue ones! I love that color. and how cool is your mom?! and about my skirt- I got that in like junior high or high school so it's probably not there anymore.. :( but hey I am the cheapest person ever, I mostly shop at Goodwill type places or kmart! haha! my yellow dress was a splurge for my engagement photos :) if you scroll down to the "Walmart/Kmart Chic" post you can see what I got there for CHEAP!
    (sorry for the novel.)
    House of Shoes

  5. i LOVE colorful jeans!! 80's-licious. but in a really good way.

  6. Provo Library!!
    Miss it :)
    ps-Love those purpley pants!!

  7. Ohhh I love the purple pants! You are tempting me to go over and buy a pair! Actually my sister had about every color possible...no joke. I may have to steal hers since she is on her mission :)

    And to answer your question she is in SAO PAULO! (south mission) And that is so cool how you know some Portuguese and have Brazilian friends!

    And I so know where you are...if I was still living there I may have driven past you and seen you haha. But I moved away...good ol' Provo scene.

    Ashley Sloan

  8. I love colored pants. I used to have bright pink ones, but I have no idea where they are now. sad.

  9. do you have any idea how long i've been trying to find a banana seat cruiser like that to add to my bike collection? love the bike, the pants and the hair. work it guurrrlll.