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What is Alphabet Soup?

Soup Style

Servings of style,
happiness, and a 
little bit of silliness 
along the way!

Alphabet Soup

everyday I serve up a blog that has to do with the next letter in the alphabet.I started this blog so I could help others whether it be giving them some new wardrobe ideas, craft ideas, or simply just putting a smile on their face. 

Soup is good for you; just like this blog...I want to make the world seem like not so bad a place as people think it is - there is happiness in everything; whether it means a pair of your favorite shoes, something you've created,  or simply reading about someone else's silly antics.

So open wide and have a spoonful of Alphabet Soup! 

It may not help the medicine go down, but you better watch yourself because you may or may not have soda squirting out your nose you're laughing so hard because of the way I stumble through life. So soda drinkers...just a heads up. Or morning coffee drinkers...that could really hurt. ouch. I would save me for later coffee lovers. 

Alphabet Soup: Its not only good for you, but its entertaining to dip your spoon in and see what silly stories and/or outfits happen to me next!  (hey, we all have our "what was i thinking" outfit days ok?

lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove, Celeste