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Monday, January 31

C is for camping


Alright, so not the real kind of camping...but camping out in your living room is JUST as fantastic! The past couple of weekends Alyssa and I have turned our living room completely upside down making a fort- literally. The couches, tables, chairs...you name it! It was a ton of fun! Then our good friends and us bring in my laptop and have a movie night. A-m
azing! It makes the living room look like its been through a tornado the next morning, but its worth it. I've always been a fan of pillow forts...I always seem to get every apartment I've lived in to at least do it once. The best time yet was the time we made a fort so big you could stand up in it. Also...we might have camped out in it...all week long. Needless to say we met a ton of strangers that week because anybody who looked inside our window as they passed by would end up knocking on our door, wanting to come in.
I feel like college really is just a time where we all get to be kids again once more before having to "grow up" officially. We all hold onto childhood and the fun memories even more because we know that life as we know it will end when its time to be out of school and
into the big bad world. It sad because when your little all you want to do is grow
up, but as soon as its happening you wish you wouldn't have wasted anytime being a kid. Yay for acting like 10 year olds again...Peter Pan eat your heart out! :]

Sunday, January 23

B is for boarding


Yes, snowboarding. I went last weekend and I was secretly excited that this week was B week so I could write about it! Seriously though, last week was FABulous! My roomie/ best friend/ makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants everyday...yep she and I went. It was her official second time! haha and we actually got to go on some green runs. For all you crazy ANTI-boarders/skiers out there...the mountain is spread out into three different levels: Green Circles , Blue Squares, and the killer Black Diamonds. Guess what we went on the entire time for Alyssa's first day? Blue squares...hehe I didn't tell her that though until the night was over. So lets just say last weekend went a TON smoother. And.... drum rollllll.....I got my board fixed!!! The Canyon Resort is so stinkin nice! This old man in the repair shop fixed it for free. My board had been broken for quite sometime but he just fixed it right up! Yay for nice strangers! O and p.s. I now have a favorite chapstick...I wish I knew what company made them! Alyssa and I entered a contest there and they were dishing out free chapstick. Yes please!? It may or may not taste exactly like candy...which shouldn't be legal because now all I want to do all day is lick my lips. It tastes so stinking good! My Soft Lips as been in the bottom of my dark abyss of a purse. Poor thing. So Canyons...you are wonderful and I love your literally lip smacking chapstick and nice old men...thats awkward haha but true.

Sunday, January 16

A is for apple

pple a day keeps the doctor away

We've all heard the wives tales, rumors, and sayings all our lives. But are the majority of them actually true? I've found that the majority of them are. Take our opening phrase for instance. The phrase that hales from Wales actually does your body a lot of good. Number one, they contain Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and phenols, which reduces cholesterol. Also, the doctor isn't the only thing that keeps the doctor away Apples actually kill off bacteria in the mouth, which helps keep your mouth clean and healthy. So not only does an apple a day keep the doctor away but also the dentist, but it just doesn't have that nice of a ring to it does it? Cornell University researches have be investigating the phrase and they have suggested that the querctin found in apples protect brain cells against neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer's Disease. In conclusion an apple a day keeps the doctor, dentist, and the shrink away. Apples anyone?

Some "rumors" that actually work:
  • Putting baby powder into your hair really does soak up grease (but please keep taking showers people)
  • Baking Soda whitens teeth (put it with a pinch of salt and have more perfect Kodak moment...I would have to say it is a bit hard on your teeth...so stick with White Strips)

Sunday, January 9

First Serving of Alphabet Soup

Dear Readers,

This is your first serving of Alphabet Soup! Alphabet Soup is a blog about, well about everything and anything really- I'm kind of a dabbler in all things. Every blog entry a letter from the Alphabet will be chosen and a word that starts with that letter will be the soup of the day ("blogged about"). I came up with the idea when I was talking to my friend Joey, who has a blog. I figured, heck, if everyone else is writing why can't I? I'm awful at journal writing and horrible with keeping a planner...but a blog? Especially if all I have to do is simply pick a word and write about it, in the words of the late Michael Jackson, "its easy as 1..2..3..A...B...C"! I get the benefit of a semi-journalish thingy that I can look back on and read...and you...well readers you get something to entertain you when theres nothing new on facebook, youtube is boring you, you've watched all the episodes of The Office available on hulu and your cupboard is empty of food you mindlessly eat when you can't think of anything to do. So open wide and have a spoonful of Alphabet Soup! Its not only good for you, but its fun to dip your spoon in and see what letters come up next! Until the next bowl of soup...I'll be catching my favorite letter of the alphabet...some Zzzzzzz's :]