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Monday, January 31

C is for camping


Alright, so not the real kind of camping...but camping out in your living room is JUST as fantastic! The past couple of weekends Alyssa and I have turned our living room completely upside down making a fort- literally. The couches, tables, chairs...you name it! It was a ton of fun! Then our good friends and us bring in my laptop and have a movie night. A-m
azing! It makes the living room look like its been through a tornado the next morning, but its worth it. I've always been a fan of pillow forts...I always seem to get every apartment I've lived in to at least do it once. The best time yet was the time we made a fort so big you could stand up in it. Also...we might have camped out in it...all week long. Needless to say we met a ton of strangers that week because anybody who looked inside our window as they passed by would end up knocking on our door, wanting to come in.
I feel like college really is just a time where we all get to be kids again once more before having to "grow up" officially. We all hold onto childhood and the fun memories even more because we know that life as we know it will end when its time to be out of school and
into the big bad world. It sad because when your little all you want to do is grow
up, but as soon as its happening you wish you wouldn't have wasted anytime being a kid. Yay for acting like 10 year olds again...Peter Pan eat your heart out! :]


  1. Tents in the house are the best type of camping! Did you watch a bunch of kids movies like Aladdin? That turns the camping experience into what we like to call "kids day." If you havent tried it yet you need to.

  2. I wish Brandon! I've been itching to buy some classic Disney movies on DVD...but my money tree dried up and died a long time ago :[
    But what I HAVE wanted to do is bring a bunch of classic games like chutes and ladders, connect four, and candy land and play them in our tent. Awesome? I think yes!