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Friday, February 4

D is for dancing


Alright, I know it looks like an O, but I pinky promise it's a D! Dancing pretty much is my favorite thing to do! I've been doing it since about the age I was four and LOOOVVE it! Nowadays I mostly go country swinging and dance parties. And THIS is why Utah rocks my socks- they're all danceaholics! Go figure huh? Country Swing is every weds. and sat. and there are always bunchies of people there! Alyssa and I went by ourselves the other night- it was the first time we actually didn't have a dance partner. Sad day? Ummmm heck no! Its SO much fun going with just another girly becuase you get to dance with everyone! Which is awesome because you are able to dance with people who REALLY know how to get it on! Downside- scary short old men who dance with you only because of your midget-sized-ness (yes that is now a word) Also after the night Alyssa and I run straight to the sink and wash our hands of all the people we danced with. Let's face it , not only do boys have cuties, but they have a horrible knack for never washing their hands. Sick and Nasty.

P.S. So I have a horrible knack for wasting time away looking at all these o-so-cute style blogs and can't help thinking...how do these girls have the energy to get ready like that everyday and then take pictures? I want to start blogging about style because I love it so much, but I doubt ya'll want to see me everyday, mainly because I just have days where I'm way too lazy to get ready. Maybe I should change my blog to With a hint of lazy. Or looking nasty, they're synonymous. Maybe I'll make the goal of a once a week I actually get ready-ness.

1 comment:

  1. Celeste! What a surprise! I was so happy to see your cute comment on my blog! How are you? This blog is an awesome idea. You know I love dancing, specially because in Brazil, when we had church dances we had great partner dancing music. Too bad Jack is not into partner dancing at all. I cant even remember when was the last time I danced. haha And I think you should blog about your get ready-ness. It would be so much fun.