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Wednesday, February 9

E is for elephant


Yep, you heard me-elephant. Its totally applicable to me-and alyssa- because we've been eating like them. its true. Impossible feat you say? Nope, we do it practically everyday. BUT we started running this past week, so we can be elephants if we want. We are both suckers for deals though. There is a texting group called the Daily Skweez and they send you a text daily-or sometimes two if Alyssa and I are lucky-giving you the low down on some too-close-to-you-to-say-no fattening place you can stuff your face at. Add them if you have self control, otherwise you can join Alyssa and I's elephant club- maybe we'll make t-shirts? It really is a ton of fun though! Sometimes its a buy one get one free deal, so we call all of our friends and stampede our tooshies there. But they always have great deals! But, you only get them if you show the cashier your text. I'm pretty sure they do it nationwide! And its F-R-E-E :] which is my favorite price! One of my favorite skweezes is the one that Sammy's gives out. If you don't have a Sammy's- which means if you don't live in Provo or Rexburg- then you will never live life, sorry to break it to you.

#1- it is a rad hangout- where in town can you eat at a burger bar?!
#2- they have sweet potato fries! Need I say more?
#3- they take an ENTIRE piece of pie and stick in a blender and make a shake.
#4- did I mention it was an ENTIRE piece of pie!?

I think I'm going to try it myself at home one day- I'll let ya'll know if it works out. But now can't you see why Alyssa and I are going to be making elephant club membership cards?

Where is your favorite place to stuff your lovely faces?


  1. your blog is seriously so cute! i commented below you on the Daybook giveaway :) thought I'd stop by! my fav place is any good sushi place... mmmmmm

  2. Ashley-

    thanks for stopping by! You seriously made my day with this comment! Just joined the blogging world, so its super exciting hearing from all you gals! And I totally agree...sushi is where its at! I LOVE the vegas roll!! :D