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Sunday, January 9

First Serving of Alphabet Soup

Dear Readers,

This is your first serving of Alphabet Soup! Alphabet Soup is a blog about, well about everything and anything really- I'm kind of a dabbler in all things. Every blog entry a letter from the Alphabet will be chosen and a word that starts with that letter will be the soup of the day ("blogged about"). I came up with the idea when I was talking to my friend Joey, who has a blog. I figured, heck, if everyone else is writing why can't I? I'm awful at journal writing and horrible with keeping a planner...but a blog? Especially if all I have to do is simply pick a word and write about it, in the words of the late Michael Jackson, "its easy as 1..2..3..A...B...C"! I get the benefit of a semi-journalish thingy that I can look back on and read...and you...well readers you get something to entertain you when theres nothing new on facebook, youtube is boring you, you've watched all the episodes of The Office available on hulu and your cupboard is empty of food you mindlessly eat when you can't think of anything to do. So open wide and have a spoonful of Alphabet Soup! Its not only good for you, but its fun to dip your spoon in and see what letters come up next! Until the next bowl of soup...I'll be catching my favorite letter of the alphabet...some Zzzzzzz's :]

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