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Tuesday, July 26

2sday Tuesdays

it's 2'sday again!

so my awesome/lovely/stinkin cute girly friend came up to visit this week!
our families have been super close since...who knows. so it was really good to see a familiar Texan here in Utah...so naturally we did a photoshoot together right? yeah...cuz that's what every normal person does.

99.9% of pictures we took were goofy of course. but hey we tried. we both couldn't stop laughing. i picked the most normal ones...you're welcome for sparing you

hat: papaya necklace: CherryLane boutique 
tank: Banana Repub Outlet Cardi: Nordstrum Rack Capris: Kohls


shirt: Buckle jeans:older sissy's closet!
necklace:NY&Co. earrings:Target ring:James Avery

P.S. see the super rad photoediting? Yah those were taken with an iPhone app. Maile told me about it and we used hers...best 1.99 spent right? It comes with a bunch of different "lens" so the pictures have different styles. Maile said you have the option to buy more lens, but they aren't super fantastic.So if you buy the app, I wouldn't buy the extra lens...cuz you prob won't use them much. The ones that you get initially are the best she said.
The app is called  

pretty rad huh? Mhhmm...thats what i thought

p.p.s so excited, my cut from my little adventure is finally starting to go away. woohoo!

p.p.p.s don't forget to link up 
what you wore for 2sday Tueday!


  1. You guys are so adorable!


  2. A photoshoot is what every normal Blogger would do. So you're good. :) I don't have that app but my friend does. Very fun! You should get Instagram!!! It's free and AWESOME! PLUS we can be Instagram friends!

  3. LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD TONS OF FUN!!!...It's so nice getting visits from friends...:)
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xx

  4. normal to us but maybe not so normal to the non blogger world :) both of you are looking lovely, the necklaces are great. cool app, coming from a phone the photos are excellent.


  5. SUPER cute! I love being able to have friends to just be goofy with! LOVING the mint ruffled top! AND I am a total sucker for fedora's. Great look!

  6. Oh, I always wish I could wear hats like that! You look great in it:) Came over from the Pleated Poppy!

  7. So so cute! I love the wee ruffly tank with the fedora....and the editing certainly adds to the pretty factor <3

    Stopping by via No Model Lady!


  8. those pictures are so cute!!! LOVES!