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Monday, June 20

K is for Killer

yes, I'm alive. finals almost killed me over...really it did. But goodness I've got so much to tell!  Lets start off with me almost losing an eye...

did that catch your attention? 

so Alyssa,some friends, and I went out to the Mona rope swing. It's absolutely in the middle of no where, but it was gorgeous! 

am I right or am I right? 

so there we all were, enjoying the view...and yes slightly freezing our lil behinds off...it was windy

and then the swinging started, it was SO much fun! There were TWO different platforms to go off...and of course we all went off the little one....

then my little eye spied this sucker...

i'll let ya'll in on a little secret...i'm a bit competitive...ok maybe a lot. All the boys were going off the highest platform. so of course that meant that little me had to do it.

so up i climbed, and down I swang and

there went the bottom rope knot into my eye

so NOW i've got six stitches below my eyebrow. 
lovely summer accessory right? 
So I will prob be sportin' the shades and fun sunhats alot this summer so it doesn't scar.

Here some shade-spiration and hat-spiration for you loves!

personally: i just go to Ross or TJMaxx and pick me up a good pair of shades...they have snazzy ones there

and sun hats- I go to CherryLane Boutique, a small gorgeous shop in Provo, Utah. They have stinkin cute ones! 


  1. oh my goodness sakes! I'm so glad you are okay and it was only stitches!! that is sure a crazy story though. now you just get to accessorize this summer :)

  2. Oh my!! Are you ok?! AH! That hurts my eye to look at. :( I have just recently heard about cherry lane (not sure how it took me so long... I'm a boutique expert) and have yet to go! That needs to change...

  3. that looks SO painful. but that striped/high-waisted outfit is amazing.