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Tuesday, June 21

L is for lost


Alright storytime.

Alyssa and I had just finished working out up at the school gym.
we usually walk to the gym to burn off more calories, so now that we were done we were about to walk home in the dark.
so there we were, Alyssa on her bike with me walking beside her.

Alyssa realized that the indoor track door was open...and of course she goes up to it like shes going to ride her bike across the the track...and probably take out a few runners doing it.

ANYways...so i totally thought she was going to do it so I ran in ahead in order to make sure the coast was clear.
then Alyssa giggles, "Ha! nope!" and stays outside
i decided to just run across and meet her on the other side of the building since the path meets up there anyways.

i get out there. and...nothing.
not a soul in sight.

it was dark.cold. scary. 
is alyssa really that slow?
i waited. nothing. "Alyssa! come around the corner I'm waiting!" i yelled at the top of my lungs.

i stood there trying to decide whether she went on without me and I should get my toosh moving to catch up or she still was waiting at that door for me to come back
i sprint over to the otherside, glimpse around the corner. nothing.

biggest adrenaline rush of my life. 
i thought some scary nutso man would snatch me up, it was so late at nightso even after an hour of working out, I full out sprint all the way home. which ladies, is QUITE a ways.

i was thinkin in my head the whole time, holy smokes shes so fast! where is she?!  i came to my apartment...aka hobo central nothing. and guess who had my keys and cell phone?
i've never felt so naked.

then i sprint all the way to a friends, and prob scared the crud out of him because i was about to collapse. he let me use his phone to call alyssa. nothing.
was i freakin out? o yes. some big scary man just carried off my best friend.

then the phone rang. haha a very very upset Alyssa was on the other side yelling at me saying, "Are you serious?!" she had been freaking out too.

long story short. Alyssa happened to go halfway in to the door right when I decided to quickly look around the corner.
why yes i have impeccable timing ladies.

O the messes I make. BUT...ladies check this out:

This is an exercise finder
you select the area you want to work out 
and then it gives you different workouts.

mind blown? i thought so.

heres the linky for it : Exercise Finder


  1. ooo! That's an awesome tool. And that story had my heart pounding! Haha! I hate when I freak myself out like that!

  2. Just found your blog thru Caseys linkup. So different and so interesting!


  3. Ohmygoodness!!! That must've been so scary! But you'll probably laugh about it when you guys get over the trauma...ya know, in a few years, maybe. ;) Haha, just kidding! Anyway, I'm glad nothing bad happened to you guys!

    Ooo...fancy tool! :)

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