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Wednesday, July 20

R is for romper

you hated them when you were little...right? how do I feel about them now?

um. i want one. 

the best thing about rompers is layering them with different things and making them look even cuter! which means if you get the right color then you can wear them for summer AND fall.

For instance, the whole tights under the romper dealio

yeah i know...i want those boots too. 

another look with the romper I like is the blazer

but lemme guess, you have the classic problem of: 
"they look so good on a hanger, and no-so-good not on a hanger"

yeah, i've been there...trust me.  I feel like body type totally matters with these suckers.

if you have a long torso...im sure your thinking.."whhaa?" yeah thats because these things always look good on you. 
if you're petite like me then listen up: I've found that the banded waist rompers look the best. 

when you're at the store I recommend this...ONLY look at the different styles of rompers (high waisted, where the drawstring is, V or swoop neck, length of the straps) grab a bunch of different styles (even if you hate the print) then go try them on. only look at how they fit you not the overall look. This way you'll be able to tell which style looks best on you and go from there. 

it saves time so you can go stuff your face since your new romper hides that food baby of yours now.
 eh kinda...depends on the style of the romper. 
Lets call it the i-can-get-away-with-eating-anything romper style.


  1. Love this! :) I'm petite too and I have one that's Capri length with the waist band like you suggested and love it!

  2. Rompers are so cute.. but I admit I have a have to use the bathroom/wearing a romper fear. (:

  3. I love the romper with the blazer! Genius.

    Monica @ asktheduplex.blogspot.com

  4. love all the looks and tips... GREAT JOB

  5. I really really really want a romper!! But haven't found one yet :/

  6. this is a great post, i really (shockingly) love wearing rompers in the summer time. in fact, i need to own the first and last ones your show here... any idea who makes them?!?! <3shelby


  7. I found a couple little rompers on sale last year for about $5 and I love wearing them with tights!

  8. I have never found a romper that looked good on me but I keep trying them on out of curiosity. I like the cardigan + romper + tights look a lot!

  9. I never realized the verstaility of rompers, the tghts underneath for winter is fantastic. the blazer look really ups the fancy. the drapey one is one I would look out for, it seems most forgiving :)


  10. I like the romper trend. This is a great post. I never thought about how versatile they actually are.