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Friday, July 8

Q is for Quick!

Alright ladies listen up, so on the way to return something...I got distracted. and lucky you...ok and lucky me

I found myself staring at drooling over a pair of these suckers:

guess where they were? Clearance section...oohhh baby!

I got mine for $20, they are the CUTEST shorts. And for once they weren't booty shorts.I've been wanting a pair of bow shorts...but they were at least $40 bucks everywhere I looked!

mine are navy blue...this grey is the other color they come in.

Where are these shorts you ask? American Eagle.
and they JUST so happen to have a sale that started yesterday....on all their shorts.
CUTE shorts.

and on TOP of that...guess what else?
starting yesterday through the 19th, if you spend over $40 you get $10 off

they have a bunch of cute stuff at the one closest to me, and I'm going back...haha I didn't have enough time when I last went in. 

and...you're welcome
over and out. 

p.s. all bow shorts are awesome. my bow shorts and I...we are in love.not like.love.

p.p.s. new tutorial up!


  1. ooh, very pretty! And the gray will match everything!

  2. Bow shorts are beyond fabulous, I love them!! The color is fantastic =)

  3. Squeal!! I loooove these!! I have been looking for a pair as well!

  4. awesome! i hope you were able to snag a pair Anna! They are SO comfy!