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Wednesday, July 6

P is for Pink

while it's not my favorite color, it is the IN color for this summer...scratch that the year
well ok, if you want to be more specific the color of the year is Honeysuckle 

Who says?
A team of New York designers get together to decide what colors are going to be "in" and whats going to be "out". Once they decide, all the major lines start making the majority of those clothes in that color. 

The other colors picked for spring/summer 2011 are:

These colors looking familiar ladies? So next time you're shopping keep a look out for these colors, especially that pretty pink...because you'll be seeing it all year long. The best combo colors to go with Honeysuckle are:  black, navy, charcoal or light to mid gray. But I'm in love with this outfit, it draws attention to the pink...ahem "honeysuckle"

mmK, now you've been educated...class dismissed


  1. HAHA Thanks for sharing! I had no idea! it's a way pretty color :)

  2. ooh, love the color! (hate the bush though- so invasive!) ;)

  3. i think it is hilarious that there exists a team of people who have the job of choosing what colors will be "in" for the season... here i thought it was just a coincidence!!

    re: my LWD, there's a link on the blog but here it is, and its on sale!! they also have a rose/tan color if you don't want white. it runs true to size, and really is worth the investment!! let me know if you get it!!! <3

  4. if the link doesn't work, the style is called annika

  5. Adorable Blog!

  6. i don't even like pink but I LOVE that shade!!

  7. love love love that color. just found your blog, following now!

  8. That's so interesting. I never knew how this worked. I have really been loving soft blush pinks so I particularly love the silver peony.

  9. I have some pink pants on the way and am even more excited about them after this post :)

  10. That color is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the outfit pictured...if only I could pull off the high-waisted shorts look. Oh well, I'm sure I can figure out a way to adapt it, somehow :)