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Tuesday, July 5

The first of future 2sdays with AlphabetSoupStyle and Lovely Little Rants

Remember my little meeting with the stinking adorable girl behind Lovely Little Rants? Well, since we're neighbors and all "in real life" not "fake life" ...we've decided to officially dub Tuesdays as 2sdays

wanna know the best part?
you get to be a part of it.

Every 2sday, you and another one of your favorite bloggers will dress up and have a double fashion shoot....OR you can just dress up with a not-a-blogger friend and take pictures together AND link up. Let's face it, blogging rocks...but we still love the regular people right? right! 

serving up the first of many fantastic 2sdays

Shirt: thrifted jeans: f21 Belt: Junky Trunk boutique

dress: Cherry Lane boutique backpack: ross cardigan: old navy 
shoes: DSW belt: nordstrum

Alright, so if by some miracle you were on the same wavelength as us and went out and took pics with a friend...heres the link up: AND if you didn't I will leave this open until sunday and you can go make a fashion friend.
make sure to include where ya'll got your stuff!


  1. Such a fun idea!! I wish I knew other bloggers in Alaska, but I'll be back in Utah soon. :)

  2. Love the idea and these looks are so adorable! Can't wait to see next 2sdays images.


  3. Irma!
    What if I did all the "dress up and have a double fashion shoot" all the way here from Brazil, would that work? =]