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Thursday, May 12

V is for victim

cardi: old navy  cami: aeropostle  necklace: New York&Co
jeans: Rockstar  shoes:DSW

meet Alyssa- my partner in : crime, antics in the library, and everything else you can think of. 


Alright so i know today is awkward awesome thursday...but we'll just have it awkward thursday. why you ask? because yours truly was the victim of the most awkward thing of all awkwardness in the land of blogginesses. yes, you should be proud

Cue: awkwardness

Its sunday- Alyssa and I cant wait to go to church. we're visiting our soon-to-be-church for this coming fall semester. we're moving across town - if five minutes really is across a "town"- which means our church records get sent to that building. anyways- we put on our sunday best and ladies when i mean best i mean best...you know what im talkin about, remember your first day of school and the five thousand outfits you tried on? Yeah, that was me and Alyssa...and my bedroom can totally vouch for me. 

so of course we're a bit late, that place was like a maze! I went up and down so many stairs looking for the right room. 


we poke our heads in to see where our other girlies were savin' our seats. then i look to the right of them- 
why hello four boys. 
and hello next to no room to scootch our booties past them. here goes nothing...i'm pullin the lead and come up to the row, "excuse me, sorry" i whispered pass the first and second guy.
then it happened
my purse slid down my shoulder onto my elbow, into the row in front of us (its stadium seating FYI).
not wanting my booty in the poor boy's face any longer i grab the strap and pull it up as fast as possible.
yeah, it was too fast. and up it went underneath my skirt and up went my skirt...in mr.boy's face
booty- meet boy, boy- meet booty.
now that we were all acquainted i slid back up the purse because i dropped it again out of pure freakin-outness.

then i seriously whipped past the last boy and slid down in my seat as my friend is tryin to stop her silent fit of giggles

so first day at the new ward (thats what we call our different church locations) and some boy i dont even know totally saw a TON of leg...and hopefully not more haha it was all so fast i don't really remember, I just remember thinkin... "o crapolla this boy came to church to learn about the gospel but instead he gets a literally not even front row seat...better than that... view of my toosh. 

o yes, I always make a lasting impression...always.

heres the culprit: purse

p.s. there is a rad tutorial up! it takes like .5 seconds... seriously time yourself 


  1. Hahahahahahahhaa!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am SOOOO SORRY that that happened to you!! But I'm also sorry that it was a REALLY funny story and I laughed... Out loud...

  2. a hilarious story- how awful!!! On the other hand Alyssa looks gorgeous- so photogenic! Cute shirt- but aeropostle is for twigs- not everyone is built like you and Alyssa.

  3. This outfit is super nice...I'm in love with your shirt!

  4. BAHAHAHA! That is HILARIOUS! The poor kid, and POOR YOU! Your outfit is fabulous - I just might copy you, as I have an identical tank top screaming my name!

  5. oh my goodness!!! that is absolute insanity! I'm so glad you survived it. haha.

    p.s. that is an awesome recipe you left me. I will have to whip it out soon :)