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Thursday, April 28

Q is for q-tip

silk cami: Forever21 ($12) lace cami: WetSeal ($.01- oh yeah!)  cardi: thrifted ($8) Jeans: Billabong Outlet ($25) 
Purse: Kohls (Gift) Earrings: New York and Co. ($12)


the Q-tip...best invention.ever.
ladies- i know you use them for everything.
they save us from eyeliner disasters, nail polish disasters and
those icky mascara boogies - you know what im talking about
BUT. you know that huge box thing they come in?  well i had an idea the other day and decided to go get a baby food jar...p.s. also discovered that banana baby food taste good with cereal...i figured it'd be somewhat close to a yogurt/cereal dealio. it was. yummy in tummy good. Anyways after i got rid of the baby food. i strapped a ribbon around the jar and stuck my q-tips in it...they fit perfectly!

so now theres a cute little jar on my bathroom counter with my little fix-anything-on-your-face q-tips.



Its Awkward Awesome Thursday:


the questions at the back of my book were ripped out already...and they were totally due today

sitting next to a person in class who randomly makes comments to you on the lecture

passing strangers in the same building three times

falling asleep in class...on the front row


what? its not snowing today? finally

ok this was yesterday but it should totally count: Alyssa bought me chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Um heaven in my mouth

eating unlimited sushi...for 18 bucks. AWEsome

attempting to wake up with Alyssa at 5am to go running...and failing...again haha 
and this is awesome because i get more Zzzzzzz's.


  1. Oh man! You can never have enough fabulous cardigans! Nice treasure!! Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday :)

  2. Oh my goodness--the detailing on your shirt is so lovely. I have a weak spot in my heart for pretty detailing on white shirts--because they're so versatile. Ha, I love passing by strangers on campus multiple times--so odd. Especially when you smile at them randomly every time. Then you sort of feel like a creep.

  3. love cardigans--have like 4 black ones, all mostly thrifted:) you look great! great q-tip hint:)

  4. ok did you just eat baby food because it is good? I hated giving my kids baby food because I thought it was gross hahaha that is too funny. But great idea with the Q tips and the jar.

  5. My q-tips are in a pretty jar in my medicine cabinet, too! It's totally the way to go. :)

    Also, I love your bag! What a cute addition to the outfit.

    - Lauren

  6. I also love sushi and those photos are beautiful! What a great oufit:) Happy Monday, my dear

  7. thanks for the comment love everyone! ya'll make my day!

    ModestFashionSense: thanks for thrifty thursdays girl!! you are awesome!

    Lea- i totally agree with you, i feel like these type of strangers need a new name. Cuz every morning you see the same ones and you both smile at each other...so technically they aren't genuine strangers. ill put it on the brainstorming board haha.

    Aleisha- i love black too...i have like 6 black cardis. its baaaaaad.

    Melissa- well...i didn't want to waste it. and...banana actually was pretty good. it reminded me of yogurt but...not haha

    Lauren- thanks for the love girly! my g-ma picked my purse out for a gift :] she be stylin!

    Diana- thanks girl you are so sweet! and for me i don't think love describes what i have for sushi...haha maybe obsessed? its SO good!

  8. That is a genius idea.

    You are to q-tips as I am to vaseline. I love that stuff