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Friday, April 22

P is for purse


purses...it's a love hate relationship thing purses and I have. 


  1. sneaking in anything from a snickers bar to a liter of soda into the movies...let see a boy stick one of those suckers in his bum pocket!
  2. having candy/food in your purse period. k i have the munchies right now- hence the food obsession. 
  3. being able to have an extra brush on hand- this is a MEGA bonus because I drive a scooter to school...yeah ladies sexy wind blown hair...complete lie. I'd like to call it poofball of hair with occasional surprises of bugs. yum.
  4. CHAPSTICK. My purse and it are .married. happily of course. And mr. chapstick and I are besties


  1. Pulling a Marry Poppins with everyone and their dog staring. Yes, cashier hold on a couple of years while I look for my credit card that fell out of my wallet.
  2. Not being able to find your keys, so you end up looking all over your apartment...you can't find it. In a final attempt you dump your purse upside down for the second time...o look my keys. how does that happen?!
  3. not ever being able to just reach in my bum pocket for my wallet. im convinced boys have got everything easier.
  4. No I'm not a gimp...my purse just weighs more than me k?


  1. Haha, love your pros and cons here. Totally relate-able! And sneaking stuff into movies is awwwwesome, except a guy friend of mine taped an entire take-out pizza to his back underneath his jacket, so I've yet to beat that glorious feat. ;)

    Love your blog!

    -- Maria Elyse

  2. LOVE that bag! oh gosh. i think i'm drooling.

  3. maria- ummm that is awesome. i've got to get me out of those guys...i'd never go hungry in the movies again. unless of course there was belly button fuzzies on the pizza...very questionable.

    katherine- yeah i was too! haha when i saw it...supposedly it is 45 bucks from Aldo? I have yet to get my hands on one of these suckers

  4. I use baby food jars to storage almost everything! They are so helpful but the ribbon I've never thought of that, I'll do it! Thanks for visiting my blog, I live in Mexico! I'll make sure to stop by yours often, have a lovely weekend!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries