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Sunday, April 17

O is for over

shoes: sparrys  purse: NY&CO. cardi: hollister pants: NY&CO
cami: Wetseal-for a penny!!) earrings: NY&CO.

school is over! kinda...i still have one more final. and also
schools out for only 4 days.  BUT i can still celebrate :]
Summer School- why do you exist?

.but. i feel ok about it because I have had such a crazy yet wonderful past week. It is so funny how that can happen. Seriously I had the most INSANE week, but even through all the messes that i magically survived through-i just had a happy week. if through finals i can be a happy camper-then bring it summer school!

happiness may or may not have come from being an exclusive member of The Lunchbox Kids. best.idea.ever. So a couple of coworkers and I started a lunch club. Plain and simple: we switch off days making lunch for each other

yeah, jealous much? whats that? ur tummy growlin? 

it really did make my week though. Its like Christmas getting that brown paper bag. i just cant wait to see whats in it! best surprise yet in it you ask? 

Capri Sun...why can't they have those in vending machines?!

anyways this week my professor asked all of us to find someone more stressed out than ourselves during finals. Rob and I were talking and he told me he was going to have a .nuts. day the next day - so heck why not? And lunches...really make everyone's day a little brighter- if not you are nutso. very. nutso. 

yes the sandwich may have been smooshed...but i feel the dunkaroos and capri sun made up for it. o and the hostess pie. 

funny story about those pies: I was minding my own business at Smiths because after making my lunches for the day 

i'm thinkin- Celeste...guys eat A LOT more than girls. So I went to go look for more treats to make my lunches man worthy. 


a huge pile of hostess pies for a buck.each. I grabbed a pile of them and walked over to the celery (ants on a log? a must in lunches!) funny thing is- i didn't have a cart. or basket

So here I am juggling FOUR hostess pies in my fingertips. 

and.enter.boys......who know me. don't mind me i'm just lugging around a pile of pies in my hand. all for me? no not at all. would they believe it? no not at all. hahaha but hey i'm in the fresh produce section- gotta give me some props for that. 

what does boy say? "Well Celeste you are just my type of girl"

umm. you are .hilarious. of course i ended up explaining myself but i can just imagine him seeing me across the way with a pile of pies in my hands. thats hott. 

song stuck in my head: so.good.
The girl by City and Colour


  1. aw thanks Piril! I have been loving green lately...guess i'm excited for spring! ..you'd think it'd come to utah already!