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Wednesday, May 4

R is for red pants

Zara Jeans for 39.9 bucks (they come in green too!)

Red Pants

i. want. some. BAD. 

every time i see someone on campus sporting some awesome red jeans...i die a little inside. it's true, Alyssa would agree because I always say, "I love those red pants" at least three or four times. 

Maybe if i keep at it she'll just buy me some to keep me quiet? def a strategy i'll try...

speaking of Alyssa buying me things...remember how Alyssa bought some chocolate covered cinnamon bears?

in the library theres a place called the periodicals section...its seriously the most deathly quiet place on the face.of.the.earth. 

anyways - it was late.
and there weren't a lot of students in there, maybe like six.

ENTER: Alyssa and I

we sat down -quietly- on some lounge chairs in the center of the room to do some reading. And of course she has the bag of those stinkin delicious bears...so she gives me two. 

i think i completely caught Alyssa off guard...because as soon as she had given them to me I started making them jump up and down on the arm rest because i was so happy she bought them, and yes maybe i was putting off studying but thats not the point. ANYways , of course we make eye contact right as I was starting to do it.

i don't know if it was because it was late. or because we are absolute morons. or because of my epic facial expression. or because those bears just had a sense of humor we weren't ready for. 

we both explode -silently...ok kind of. 

we're sitting there for what seemed like forever trying to can our fit of giggles. pretty sure we looked like two five-year-olds having a good time.

the death glares from the other students were honed in on us...which of course made the whole episode worse. 


finally Alyssa and I literally run out of our chairs and book it  for the bookshelves-no pun intended. once we're in deep enough we let it loose. my stomach hurt i was laughing so hard.

pretty sure the whole silent floor heard us laughing our heads off. but we were hiding...so we tried ok? after we composed ourselves, we sit and study. after about 30 min, music suddenly blared out of the speaker right above us. 

our library plays music the last fifteen min before it closes...whoever is in charge of that playlist...you.make.my.day.  they play all sorts of stuff: from classical to old school rock'n roll to the star wars theme song

when it came on Alyssa practically had a heart attack. cue: bursting into a fit of more giggles. and since no one was in the library really i start hopping around in sync with the big drums and cymbals playin...but super awkwardly. i thought Alyssa was going to pee her pantsshe couldn't take it anymore. 

library- you've never been a more hilarious place. my favorite? the old lady cracking up as i jumped a 180 with my legs spread out and landing perfectly in sync with the crash of a cymbal. 

Lesson Learned: an Alyssa and Celeste combo = bad for quiet study places

p.s. I'm sorry I've been ignoring you, i love you but this week hasn't loved me. translation: this week has been freakishly craziliciously nutso.

p.p.s. there is a fabulous new tutorial up!


  1. i have lusted over that top pictures for MONTHS! i want all color pants. even the remembrance of wearing colored pants in junior high hasn't daunted me. i have come full circle.

  2. Celeste! I love your blog!! You are so wonderful!! I absolutely love the way you write!

    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  3. I have a pair of red and yellow jeans and I totally adore wearing them:) They make me happy!!! Have a lovely day, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Sima Gilady jewelry GIVEAWAY today!

  4. heidi- you had colored pants in junior high!? you.are.awesome.

    katri- you are so sweet, thanks for the blog love :] right back at ya! except maybe more because you actually take more pictures then me- i wish i could do that...but i think yall would die if you ever saw me on my lazy days haha which are often. i like my sleep k?

    diana- love the giveaway! thanks for the tip! I have yellow and purple jeans! i love love love them! but i wish i could sneak into your closet and steal your red jeans!

  5. I love your blog, its so unique :)

  6. so 'Carrie Bradshaw' - the books in the bathtub...do you also have sweaters stored in the stove? Love your blog :-)

  7. you know what Leslie totally would if the roomies would let me...more closet space haha

    and thanks for the comment love :]