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Sunday, May 8

S is something blue

Dress from dELiAs-49.50 but on sale for 39.50

Something Blue

Alright so I'm on a color kick, but you know you love it. I would have to say though...i really do need me some blue pants too. They're next on my hit list.


it is my absolute favorite color and i believe that it makes anyone and everyone look absolutely stunning. The more vibrant the better! Then add it with white...elegantER -its a new word, in my dictionary in case you didn't know

i also think it looks amazing with a good summer tan, gosh i can't wait to not look pasty white! Last year I didn't get to spend as much time outside as I wanted, but this summer...its me and the pool baby...and probably Alyssa too. it just needs to be a bit warmer...and then ill get my lil toosh into a bathing suit and blind everyone for the first couple of times getting my tan on. 

BUT. i have a little work to do...so this is the MEGA downside to living with your best friend.

you have somebody to help: you make cookie dough disappear, eat Taco Bell at 2 am, faithfully eat Kneaders unlimited french toast on sat mornings (i swear that place knows the secret trap door leading to heaven because those french toasts seriously are TOO delicious), and eat candy, lots of candy.

needless to say there isn't such a thing as the freshman 15, but there are no buts, ands, or ifs about it a bestie 10 DOES exist. but go figure because i haven't been exercising much. 

so before i go dig out my swimsuit, Alyssa and I are turnin our bestie 10 into bestie -10

i called up my mom because she is a gymnastics teacher and a world class ballroom dancer...so if anyone knows skinny..its her!

Here were her tips:
  • don't eat after 6 p.m. 
  • she likes to eat a nice big grapefruit for breakfast
  • inhale TON of fruits and veggies
  • cut out the sweets (mom, this is next to impossible)
My roomie also gave me some cool tips (she is in nutrition)
  • Drink some water before you start eating and you won't overeat as much because you'll get fuller faster
  • stretch your muscles before and after workouts -(apparently this helps with making your muscles leaner rather than bulkier? weird, but hey guess it doesn't hurt to try)
  • The stomach shrinks after 3 days...so push through it, but it only takes one slip up to stretch it back out. (i'm not saying starve, heck no...i just won't have five bowls of cereal in one sitting, haha true story ladies - i like me some life cereal ok?)
  • try to continuously exercise for at least 30 min
and this is my advice to myself as i'm eyeing down something ridiculously delicious: eat until your satisfied, not until you think you're going to explode.

p.s. still thinking about starting an elephant club and making t-shirts to run in...


  1. I love the colour! You have picked the prettiest blue dresses! Love love love!


  2. Ohhh that shade of blue is gorgeous. Love the inspirations and your posts! xoxo

  3. hey girlies! thanks for the comments :]
    ya'll make.my.day.

    i'm glad that ya'll love blue as much as i do! seriously if a wardrobe could only be one color...well you know what color i would pick