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Tuesday, May 10

T is for telephone

capris: NewYork & Co.($25) cami: JCREW via downeast ($4) cardi: NewYork&Co.($20) 
Earrings: gift-homemade  Necklace: Cherry Lane Boutique ($6.50)

ok before we start todays Alphabet Soup; I just want to explain myself. The first two pictures aren't very me- but i wanted to show ya'll the outfits.
 And the third one- thats more me 
k, i'm done :]


Alright...so I have a confession to make
are you sitting down?
sometimes i wish cell phones didn't existyeah, i know, right? your thinking- Celeste, are you nutso?!but hear me out- the whole reason is that texting is the turn off for me. So maybe it's not a lets-get-rid-of-all-cell-phones thing, but the idea of just doing away with texting. it makes me sad to see people not be able to communicate face-to-face like they used to. Reminisce with me a sec...(if you're too young to remember these days, then i really feel bad for you)

remember growing up- you were brushing your teeth in your PJs...when suddenly your brick-of-a-cell-phone starts ringing. you know exactly who it is and halfway wipe the foam from your mouth and literally dive for the thing.
O,yeah...it's him, the boy who calls you almost every night just to talk to ya. And you spend hours talking on the phone with each other until either of your moms catches you and you get chewed out for being up so late on a school night. 

fast forward 5 or so years...boys are so stinkin chicken that they even try to ask you out on a date through texting - ok not all boys, but come on - even one boy is enough ladies. But it seems like a lot of conversations now-a-days are through texting and it makes me miss the old days. i miss talking and laughing with friends/that one cute boy over the phone. "Whats up" and "LOL" just doesn't do it justice. 
see what i'm sayin? 
so ladies- if a boy calls instead of texting you all the time...he is a keeper. And if you don't want him...well then whose the nutso now hmmm? ;]

heres some Mat Kearney love for you, via the telephone. 


  1. Thank you for stopping by. =) More than welcome to stick around and follow. Like the post.

    ♥ http://mybookness.blogspot.com
    ♥ http://mybookness.blogspot.com

  2. Your blog is so sugary sweet :)! your post made me smile!

  3. I'm a new follower because I LOVE your style of writting :) I'd love to spotlight you on my bloggy if that is ay-oaky. Just email me at kah_andace@yahoo.com if you'd like!

    and I totes agree with the cell phone texting thing. Even boys are resorting to asking girls on dates over facebook. SO silly

    Lovely Little Rants

  4. I love it... .and completely agree. LOVE my phone...but I'm not much of a texter, I gotta be honest...I'd much rather a good ole phone call or face-to-face chat. And don't even get me started on faebook messaging. The dark sink hole of communication. Where those things disappear, I have no clue.

  5. very cute pictures! and yes, I agree with your opinion about phones, but sometimes I wonder how we could live before without them, when you need help or you are in a traffic jam and are going to arrive late to a date, whatever! =)