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Sunday, March 20

J for jogging

Coat: Park City Outlets Jeans: Pac Sun RainBooties: target
Earrings: Kohls Purse: Kohls Glove: Gift 

p.s. awkward last picture haha but i wanted ya'll to see the gloves!


Alyssa and I have been jogging about two to two and a half miles a day. We jog in an indoor track up at school. I love it because not only does it keep up from being permanent members of the elephant club, but it gives me a lot of time to think. Alyssa and I work out harder when we don't talk so I gotta lotta time to spend time thinking things out.

But the funniest thing is how we run. So Alyssa runs better when she isn't running beside someone, it slows her down. Me...I'm the opposite. I have to have something to measure myself against. If I don't, then I poop out a lot faster and give up. So I figured out a good system to our jogging tradition. After a while Alyssa figured it out haha!

As I was jogging, trying not to think about the imaginary side-ache I was getting...I'm a wimp if I run by myself ok? Anyways...as I was jogging I saw Alyssa up ahead and then BAM it hit me. I was going to be the ultimate creep and just run right behind her. She'd never know the difference and I would keep up because I'm stubborn like that and hate being a sissy. 

Needless to say, Alyssa has found out...but thinks its so stinkin funny and just goes with it. I'm sure the regulars at the gym think we're crazies. We show up. Put in headphones. I run stalkerishly behind her the entire time. We leave. 



This week's picture is dedicated to my grandma! It was her birthday this past week. Love you grandma! 

P.S. see that umbrella? Yeah its awesome...like my grandma. who gave it to me when i was six. 

P.P.S. see that purse? you guessed it. Grandma, ya she picked it out. Be jealous. My grandma has taste...good taste.

P.P.P.S. see those gloves? Yep...my great grandma is awesome too. the end.

lesson learned: grandmas are awesome...but pretty sure everyone already knew that! 


  1. Hey! I like your blog too! And this post was especially funny! Secretly deciding to run behind her is totally something I would come up with! And I would feel soooooo smart about it! Ha ha until she found out.

  2. Hey Anjelica! I'm so ditzy, I just saw your sweet comment! but don't worry its only April now right?

    Yeah i felt pretty cool haha I'm glad we're such good friends if it was just a roomie that i'd been getting to know- I would have totally freaked her out!

    I could tell she figured it out when she started looking around in front of her.- she usually laps me haha- so after a while of not seeing me, she turned around and kinda freaked out and then started laughing her head off. Glad I can make someones day haha