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Sunday, March 13

I is for iceblink


Yes, its a word...a fabulous word. Seriously...look.it.up. Or just read this definition I copy and pasted...

iceblink: glare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice

Anyways...todays word is iceblink because you know when you want something SO bad that it just puts a "glare" on everything? 

O yes ladies, i just did that...pulling the metaphor card. 

Totally counts by-the-way.

Thats how I've been feeling with school. I just want me some summer! I want to wear my sun dresses and get a sun hat, take a nap by the pool on a nice HOT day, go on a bike ride,  getting the drift?

Please get me out of school and throw me into summer! 

Okay...I'm done. Now I'll write something worthwhile.

So warmer weather is on its way right? That means shiny faces. SO listen...here is a way to keep your makeup lookin F-resh while keeping your pockets filled with green. 

Get a small spray bottle and fill it with cold water. Then put about 5 drops of lemon juice. Spray away my friends...but don't get crazy. And you'll look like new!

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