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Sunday, March 6

H is for hair

from Disney's movie Tangled. 


The four letter word that really makes you want to scream sometimes. Ladies, you know the days. No matter HOW much you mess with your 'do it just don't do itself right. Well this post is a commemoration to that four letter word when you trying to GROW the flippin h*** out.

Hey miss long locks, yes you, I envy you. Do NOT chop the hair off, never ever never. My long locks were chopped off two years ago and I've been missing them ever since and trying to grow it all back out. Few girls can pull of the short hair- dear stinkin cute shorties: I envy you ladies even more.

To my girls hanging up wanted signs for long locks...or girls wanting healthier happy hair:

  1. Try not to wash your hair so often-nasty I know, but it will pay off. This is especially helpful if you live somewhere super dry. Shampooing strips your hairs of its natural oils...and hair+natural oils=love  So girlies love your hair, don't wash it every day. please take a shower, I don't want to be held single handedly responsible for adding to the stinkiness men already give the world. For the first week or so, your hair will be greasier than normal because it is still producing oil at the same rate since you were drying it out with shampoo everyday. But I just had a lot of hat days and working my updo...o was I working it!
  2.  Also, baby powder the crud out of your hair in order to survive the greasiness of the don't-wash-your-hair-everyday-thing. I only open the bottle just a little bit, sprinkle it on the oiliest parts of my hair, and take my fingers and ruff up my hair a bit. Then flip your head upside-down and blow dry. Works like a charm! Sometimes it gets staticy...don't have a panic attack...get a dryer sheet and rub it gently against your head and take a breather. It gets rid of the static. Yes, dryer sheets are not just your dryers friend...they're yours too. 
  3. Get a ceramic brush. You can find them at Sally's for like five to six bucks. My cousin introduced me to 'em. Ummmm amazing? I think yes! Not only does it protect the hair- don't ask me how, I'm no Bill Nye- but it also makes it SUPER soft and smooth. go buy one- 'nuff said. 
  4. Girls who cry when they see how much hair is on the floor after a "trim"...dry your eyes and get this shampoo. I randomly went into a super spiffy salon- it was Christmas time and they were having a hair product sale! ADD much?-  and talked to one of the stylists for a bit about how bad I wanted to grow out my hair. She told me Joico K Pak reconstruct Shampoo was my friend. What she did NOT tell me was that it was my best friend! Seriously, go try it and the nice thing usually about super nice salons is if you aren't satisfied with the result, you can return it...no questions asked. I love the shampoo! And it really isn't that expensive...I got mine crazy cheap- Christmas sale- but I just looked online and they're abt $25 for the both of them in 10.1 oz bottles. 
  5. Biotin: been taking it since January...I think its working. I'm not sure if my hair really is growing faster or just wishful thinking. BUT I will know April 4...haha yes I already have a hair apt. I told my friend that I would definitely come in every 7 weeks if I knew she was expecting me at her salon. I was told by about ten different friends, who are hairdressers, to come in every 6-8 weeks and get a trim if you want to grow out your hair. I'm going to try it and see if it gets me anywhere...so I'll be the guinea pig and let ya'll know. And I'll let you know about the biotin too. I measured at the last haircut, so if I grow more than the average per month...I will not only let you know, but be squealing with joy at the top of my lungs...so guess that includes the rest of the world. These little lungs pack a good amount of gusto! 
  6. Heat protectant, get one. I haven't found my favorite one just yet, still looking. The winner so far is the one that CHI does...I still eye it questionably when I see steam coming off my curling iron- sickest feeling ever by-the-way. Any suggestions? 
  7. Try not to use hot tools everyday. I have a good range of hairdos I do with just a blow-dryer...I'll take pics/videos  when I survive this week (tests out the wazoo, chance of survival: 40%)
Anyways, I could go on for hours... obsessed about growing out my hair much? Well cutie pattootie shorties and long luscious locks...you just don't understand us lengthened challenged ladies...you just don't understand. 

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