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Wednesday, March 23

K is for kites


i hear the alarm ring. get up thinking today is going to be a nice warm day. Its almost april right? 


i open the door and a blast..a blast of frigid cold wind almost knocks me over.
and then all i could think of today as i was staring out my office window, car window, class window, apartment window...i spent a lot of time window staring today ok? because...i just thought, "this would be the perfect day to fly a kite...if it were warm."

and then on my way to class i walked past a motorcycle...that had been blown over. then i really thought...i could have really really flown a kite today. and then walked past it. 

dear sun,
where were you today so i could have flown a kite?
sincerely, singing 'lets go fly a kite' in my head all day.

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