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Sunday, March 27

L is for laughs


My favorite past-time. I'm convinced that laughing is what gave me my abs- it's true i have them, ask any boy that has punched them! awkward but true, there have been many a man that have punched these suckers...haha mainly because they tell me i'm a sissy, then i tell them to prove it, then they punch my stomach jokingly, then their eyebrows shoot up in surprise, then they punch me again, and then...they're impressed. whose a sissy now? ;]

Anyways today's blog is obsessed with strawberries because i bought strawberries for 88 CENTS!! What the what?! Also...now my fridge and freezer are full of strawberries...which is not a bad thing at all. Those of you who live in Provo, get your tooshes over to the SunFlower Market...it's behind Rubios. And if you don't know where Rubios is, then theres no way you live in Provo.

Back on track now...Sunflower market, its a farmer's market and it is FANtastic. They have organic hippy what not stuff there but the reason i go....ummm hello? cheap fruit and veggies..yes please?! They also have almond milk...which is my milk allergy's and i's best friend. try.it.

p.s. creeper of a photo, Cory was makin me laugh while i was pullin a face...and this is the product. keeper isn't it? 
p.p.s. this strawberry is from case number 2. preeeetttyyy sure these strawberries are going to be gone...pronto

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