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Thursday, March 31

M is for mom


K ladies it's M time...and I couldn't resist a momma post. Yeah...your moms are probably pretty cool...but mine is cooler...way cooler

i think only when you're up at college do you realize just how much they did for you...like the other day i saw a kid with a sack lunch...not only did my tummy shout out a manly growl, but i was sadly reminded how no one makes me lunch anymore. Sure, sometimes she got a bit enthusiastic about jelly in the PB&J...but soggy sandwich or not, she was awesome for doing it every.day. Plus my mom was super cool cuz I was one of those lucky kids who got ding dongs and twinkies in her lunch! Totally makes up for soggy sandwiches ladies! 

also my mom has a FAB-ulous sense of style....yeah see this outfit? see that dress, coat, purse and necklace? Yeah- my momma gots taste ladies...she picked all of those out. In fact, I think most of my wardrobe had to be mommy-approved before I felt it looked great. 

also also, shes gorgeous and tiny...and has been mistaken for a sister numerous times- awkward but awesome haha

L.O.V.E. you momma :]

1 comment:

  1. Having met your mom, I can second the fact that's she's pretty awesome.

    I've come to the conclusion, mom's are THE coolest. End of story.

    PS- I LIKE soggy sandwiches :p