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Monday, March 12

P is for peace out!

Haha alright...so remember how I told you I'm back and I have all these super cool stories to tell you? Well ya'll will just have to wait a week cuz well...
can I say awesome?!

Yay for parents and frequent flier miles...ahhh frequent flier miles - you are my best friends

So I will be leaving tomorrow and won't be back for about 10 days! I'll make sure to take a TON of pics and have a hoard of stories...like ziplining 400 ft above the jungle floor? Yeah....telling Steven to bring an extra set of undies for himself. I think he's afraid of heights.... ;) we'll see how he does...

Anyways its off to bed for me...we've gotta wake up early! 

Love you all! Have a fantastic week this week! And if you feel like leaving me some love while I'm gone...post a comment asking me a question that you are just DYING to have answered :)  ...ok maybe not dying - that would be pushing the creep factor, but maybe we could say curious about? yes...that's less creepster. 

stay sweet....yes I just used that - yearbook cheesiness, you secretly like it. plus I know you've all written it at least once! guilty? I thought so...

1 comment:

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