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Tuesday, March 27

Q is for Costa Rica

No I didn't have too much salt water while in Costa Rica...Steven did.
 He told me to name the post "Q is for Costa Rica" ...we'll pretend he's right. 
Anyways I'll have to share more photos when my mom stops hoarding them. 

BUT...holy guacamole! Costa Rica was AWE-some! 
We didn't want to come home...
we went horseback riding, surfing, fed monkeys, went on nature hikes
did some extreme water rafting, and ziplining, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and sailing
I know...sounds relaxing huh? yeah...maybe not.
 My family doesn't do vacations, we do adventures haha. 
We seriously only slept in one day.

I can't WAIT to show pictures! 

Also - for my fellow Provo-ers...Downeast is having their warehouse sale at the Provo Mall.
Ummm four dollar shirts anyone? yessss ma'am!! 
who doesn't love a sale?


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