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Friday, March 9

O is for officially married

I know, I know...I said I'd be back tomorrow. I'm sure your faces looked a LOT like that cute little girl waiting for Steven and I to arrive.

BUT...before you start throwing your tomatoes...I'm pointing the finger at Steven. So Steven likes to get greedy and take me away from all of you. He also has incredible persuasive skills and convinced me "blogging should only be every other day" ....but we made a deal, if the crowd gets too big and wild - I'm doing back to back days. psssttt...I might sneak an extra day or two ;)  because well...come'on he's stolen me for months on end from all ya'll!

Ok ok...stop the pouty faces....the Reception:
so the food LOOKED great...haha but I actually never got any. I was doing my 'thang out on the dance floor all night...I actually didn't realize my own wedding was coming to an end. Poor Steven...he wanted to munch on this stuff... BUT we did get a piece of our FUNFETTI Wedding Cake! It was so SO good...I wish we would have taken more! But we of course saved the top layer for our anniversary...I can't wait to snarf it down. It eyes me down with its funfetti deliciousness everytime I open the stinkin freezer... 

And I loved our centerpieces! My whole family spent time making them (um yeah, they are awesome!) . We used glittered branches, white roses, delphinium, and the 'ice look' in the vase is actually crinkled cellophane we stuffed in with the water.Then my mom cut up some chair sashes and looped the fabric into the extra spaces. I told you she was magic... SO PRETTY!

Our wedding favors were SO cute. We put candy inside them and had them labeled. We got them from Smarty Had a Party...seriously gals THIS is the place to get anything and everything for a FANTASTIC price
Our cake was done by cakesbydonna


Then after the cake we had the Daddy Daughter dance and Mom and Son dance. I LOVED dancing with my Dad...he hates dancing haha so I've never really gotten to dance with him before. He is actually a pretty darn good dancer! *hint hint Dad...dance more with Mom *cough cough*  
We danced to "Best Day" by Taylor Swift.
Then I got to dance with Steven...

We danced to one of my FAVORITE songs...I stumbled on it accidentally. I bet you haven't heard this version...their views on YOUTUBE have started to get higher though...they should be famous!!
It is Caroline County
The lyrics were absolutely perfect for us :)

The rest of the night was a wonderful fantastic blur...

The Reception place was so pretty too! They're new in town...its called StoneGate Arts Center in Pleasant Grove, UT...right down the street from where we got married! 

Then of course Steven's 'single' roomies (ladies??) wrote us a song...they couldn't keep straight faces. Pretty sure everyone thought Steven, I and the boys were crazy...the song was all made of inside jokes. My favorite part was the chicken cluck...that created a few strange faces from our audience haha
And LAST but not LEAST...we were leaving. 
Our ORIGINAL plan was to do this:

My mom ordered a bunch of 'Tangled' lanterns for our wedding take-off. Turns out they are SUPER cheap because China makes them all the time. EBAY my friends...EBAY The picture above is from when my brother and Jamie were testing one. We didn't want to catch anyone on fire at the wedding...haha. On our wedding day it turned out to be too windy, so we couldn't do it. You can see the package they come in haha...Steven's holding it.

And AlphabetSoupers...THAT was my absolutely-positively-perfect day.


  1. I love it. :) My friend did those lanterns at her wedding. Just know, I'm BEYOND jealous. haha! And thank you so much for your comment today! Brought a big smile to my face. :)

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