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Wednesday, March 7

N is for Newlyweds Part II

Good Morning!

where were we...oh yes - I was in my hairdresser's dress putting on my makeup. Well I traded that dress in for a more fancier whiter dress and THEN I got married :)
...that's MY favorite part

some people were just a bit impatient though...

we weren't too long...so don't worry

And for the rest of the day I was super happy and livin it up on cloud 9

yeah...I was really happy...

maybe a lil too happy...haha

And my momma and sis looked SO gosh darn pretty that day
...seriously I didn't see one bad hair day on anyone. 

And see that dress my sis is wearin? Yeah we got ALL the bridesmaids dresses from Forever21 (see earlier post for all my gorgeous bridesmaids)! They were the PERFECT color. Then we had the girls put whatever they wanted with it...as long as it was within the wedding color range. I wish we could have gone for a more mismatched looked...but again - that periwinkle...IMPOSSIBLE. We were lucky to find it on just one dress. But I LOVE the mismatched bridesmaids look, DEF I recommend it! It made it really easy too! Just find a dress and let them put a bit of their personality into it!  (example pic via Pinterest)

 My grandmother also stringed together a strand of pearls and made the bracelet I'm wearing. She wasn't able to make it to Utah to come to my wedding...so it was nice having her there with me in a way :) AND it completed my something old, something new and something blue tradition. Blue of course was the shoes, old was the pearls restranded from Gma, and then the borrowed....well that's a secret to be revealed later - it's quite a story. 
via Taylor Jay Photography                                                                            
And my flowers were SO pretty...I have them dried and in our room now. They smelled SO good :) 
The flowers were done by the Veranda in Provo- I'm convinced they also have magical powers.  All I did was take this picture to the right in and told them that I wanted something like it. Um they look better than that picture! I was SO excited!  That's what I did with most of my wedding...I showed everyone pictures of what I wanted and everything worked out perfectly

Well after hugs,kisses, and lots and lots of pictures
...it was off to the reception....

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