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Tuesday, March 6

N is for Newlyweds Part I

Alright...as promised...my perfect day. Part I of course....

December 30, 2011

Seriously people - could I have asked for more perfect weather?! 
It was almost 60 degrees in the middle of winter in Utah!

I absolutely LOVED my wedding! 
My dream wedding had always been to have a Cinderella winter wedding. Yes, I'm a Disney fanatic and secretly want to be a Disney princess at Disneyland (Um who WOULDN'T?!)
...No we did not ride out in a carriage
...ALTHOUGH that was an option the reception center had haha. 

My wedding colors were: periwinkle, white, silver and black and we somehow magically found everything in the perfect colors...and ladies - periwinkle has got to be the HARDEST color to find...seriously everyone must define periwinkle differently
...we searched through every haystack the world had to offer! 

But basically what it comes down to is: my mom has magical powers. FACT.

Ladies...let me introduce you to the Bridesmaids! Haha I had to put up this picture because we could NOT stop laughing..we had "successfully"we'll pretend )
held our serious model faces for the picture ...yeah that didn't last very long. 

Alright so RE-wind! So luckily I have this entire day heavily documented because
my best friend got married about the same time
...can I say bride wars anyone? Haha yeah Hollywood doesn't happen in real life
...so no blue hair for me thank you very much. 
Alyssa and I basically took a kazillion pictures on our phones and kept sending them to each other. 
haha funny thing is: she IS blonde and I'm brunette. Perfect? Um yes!

Hence Text #1: "I magically found the perfect periwinkle shoes!" picture 2 DAYS before my wedding

why yes I about peed my pants when I saw these guys at Nordstrom Rack

And of course Text #2: "Check out my hair!"
YEP that is my hairdresser's dress I'm wearing. Yes, I'm a dingbat for not realizing that I needed to put my makeup on and everything BEFORE I put my dress on. 

Text #3: "I just did my make-up!"

And of course I have the same pictures from Alyssa while she's getting ready haha
...perhaps I'll have a my best friend's wedding post-a-thon? 

Basically it was the start of a magical day
I mean how wouldn't it? I got to get ready in this room:

And you wouldn't BELIEVE what the reception looked like. Seriously, by the end of this post-a-thon....you will be convinced my mom has magical powers
...I have NO idea how we did this on a budget wedding. 

Until tomorrow ladies...

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  1. Celeste! You look absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL! Wished I could have been there!