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Monday, May 23

B is for bangs


So ya'll probably noticed in my last shoot that my 'do is a lil different. 
I was SO excited to get my bangs cut! I've usually always had bangs, but I still was a bit nervous to get them cut.
Do ya'll ever feel like right after your hair stylist cuts your bangs it's either a win or a MEGA holy momma lose?
my personal favorite...they style them and you're thinkin, "I love these bangs!" BUT then the next day after you take a shower, let's hope you take a shower, you blow dry them and it's like the stinkin things only obey the girl who cut them? 

so just to save girls from hairdicament everywhere...well ok maybe just Utah...i HAD to post this up

My bangs and I are friends now, ALL thanks to this girly:

Michelle Keddington

I don't know how she did it, but my bangs actually listen to me and my blow drier now!

Seriously ladies if ANY of ya'll are in Utah get this girl to cut your bangs. 
AND the first time you come in you get 20% off.
and. my.personal.favorite. 
you get your bangs trimmed for free when they start given ya 
any trouble.

Her husband goes to BYU right now, so she is working at Suggestions Salon in Orem,Utah. 

so, Utah girlies, don't be scared to get your bangs cut! Just call the Salon, 801-226-6993, and ask for Michelle. 


AND for everyone else out there:

Remember how I've been desperately trying to grow out my hair?
Michelle told me about this new shampoo/conditioner that gives it all the nutrients it needs,protects it, and makes it thicker.

it's REDKEN's newest product: intraforce

I was kinda iffy about whether it worked or not, so Michelle gave me some samples.

I've been using it for like a month, and holy smokes it's awesome! It actually works, 
your welcome for being your ginny pig.

also, still using Biotin (remember?) loving loving loving how fast my hair is growing. 
seriously you can ask Michelle, I never shut up about how excited I am. 

p.s. The Pinterest Giveaway Winner is...

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  1. I love your bangs! And all of your hair! I wish my hair was that thick and luscious!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! You are adorable! Your bangs look great!

    amy day to day

  3. P.S. My word verification was psycho. Haha!

  4. You are the Sweetest Celeste!! I love your blog!!!

  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I currently have blunt bangs, but I'm hoping to do a soft side bang like yours!! And thank goodness for great hair stylists, hope you're having a fabulous week. xx veronika

  6. oh woah, how crazy, Michelle used to do my hair when she was at hair school and for a couple years after that!

    She really is amazing, isn't she?