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Wednesday, June 8

I is for insane


alright, i'm going to whine...but just for a bit. I'm taking Spring term classes and they are kickin my lil toosh
and guess what?
finals is next week...which is why i've been a tid bit quiet lately....because my life has been a little insane

whine.whine.whine.  ok i'm done.

lucky for ya'll
you get to feel a little love from Shellsea...a stinkin cute blogger who spotlighted my blog -yesterday- hey things have been crazy remember? Not only did I post my favorite outfit

but...theres a little secret I spilled over there...
curious now aren't ya?

ok i'll give ya a teensy-insy clue

p.s. i really do think things are getting a lil too crazy up in here...thinkin about finding a few ladies to babysit my bloggy while my brain is melting away over textbooks...email me to let me know if your interested.  celeste.alphabetsoup@gmail.com


  1. okay, i totally needed that hair advice! i'll go buy some tomorrow!

  2. I completely understand how sometimes it feels like it gets too busy to blog. Good luck on your finals!

  3. Does the spray make your hair gross feeling? It looks gorgeous!!

  4. ooo! good luck! you will do great! i love this outfit, and your lovley little blog!
    You are too cute! I would babysit your sweet
    I would babysit your blog any day!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.bogspot.com