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Wednesday, May 18

Y as in yellow...healthy ice cream? what the?


no this is not another post about me gushing over some crazy color of pants again...mainly because I already have yellow pants. and.they.are.awesome.

THIS post is about ICE CREAM...but not any kind of ice cream.

that is dare i say it....healthy

yeah you heard me right -healthy ice cream. betcha never thought you'd see those two words together. ladies go grab your recipe books and if you don't have one...gosh darn it go grab a piece of paper, write this sucker down, and frame it!

Be prepared to be amazed:

What you'll need:
bananas  (2 bananas make one bowl, so you'll want like 8 then right?)
cutting board
egg beater - or sometimes if you have a beast of a food processor, you can use that.

so i've done this a ton of times and have tried both very ripe bananas and just your plain happy yellow ones...both work but the riper bananas are sweeter tasting.

1. Cut your bananas into thin slices...the thinner the better.

2. Put them in the freezer for at least 2 hours. I just put them in over night and then take them out and let them defrost for five minutes. You don't want them rock hard, but if they're too soft you'll end up with moosh.and we don't like moosh, o no we like ice cream :]

3. Dump them in a bowl and put your egg beater on high. Beat until it looks like ice cream...yep preeeetty simple.

You can add things into it to make it sweeter: sugar obviously, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and my personal favorite honey.

This CAN be refrigerated, but not sure for how long haha i snarf it down too fast. But let it defrost for a little bit after you take it back out of the freezer.

ok now go binge on icecream
...healthily of course.

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  1. I have GOT to try this! We're constantly loaded with slightly-over-ripe bananas so I'll selfishly use them up on myself. Sound like a plan? :)
    Thanks for the blog follow!

    Sweety Jeans

  2. Love it! I posted a recipe super similar to this a couple of weeks ago! :) great minds think alike!!

  3. I'm sooooooooo trying this one !

  4. Thanks for stopping by you are too sweet! I am assuming that Dallas is just the same as you left it....what takes you to Utah and out of the warmth of texas???


  5. I've been hearing about this for awhile now...but no one I know has tried it so I've been doubtful. Guess it's time to take the plunge!

    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  6. Hola Chica,
    Just came across your blog and I’d like to invite you to take part at my Giveaway (A Lomography Panorama Camera, the Sprocket Rocket).

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  7. I love this post. So true about happiness and ice cream. I'm off to check out that giveaway!

    Have a wonderful day!
    You Are My Favorite

  8. you have nothing in your freezer!

    this looks yummy! i love making homemade ice cream.. but it's usually a little more like ice cream than this.. with some sort of cream, milk, egg, ect. I'll have to try this sometime though! :)

  9. Just found your bloggy-blog! V. cute! :)

    and I've made this before, you are not wrong- it RULES. You should try adding cocoa power sometime. yums, and still reasonably healthy.