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Thursday, May 26

D is for dress

anthropologie of course.BUT coming soon, an Alyssa look-alike dress...


so my cousin's wedding is tomorrow and I just had to post about dresses. I know it's a love hate relationship sometimes...unless you have pantyhose, then it's always a love because you never have to shave. 
BUT. seeing as I constantly rip mine, sometimes Sundays can be a hassle. 
the alarm buzzes.
can i get away without shaving today? then i could sleep in an extra 10 min...please tell me my maxi dress is clean...

but ladies, it's summertime and nothing says summer like a beautiful bright sun dress. it's finally warming up around here and i'm going to be sporting no pants soon! because...i'll be in a dress. 
AND. Alyssa and I got sun hats
cue: squeals
i feel like we should be attending horse races and polo games where everyone walks around eating tarts and drinking out of cute isty-bitsy teacups
at least i think thats what they do. we'll pretend they do if they don't.

and lovelies, go to Ross or TJ Maxx for your dresses. They always have fantastic ones with fantastic prices. I don't think I've bought a dress from anywhere else in the past five years! The best thing about it is that they have their own section, so you don't feel like your drowning in a big mess. Sometimes stores like those wear you out because you feel like you have to dig in in order to find something good, but looking for dresses at these stores are the easiest!  

Also, if you are lucky enough to have a Marshalls nearby...go there! Imagine Ross but bigger, and organized. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

Anyways, just because I love you all to pieces and wanted to welcome all the new lovelies, I'll share a trick I learned for shaving those legs o'yours...

if you are like me and take super warm showers, then make sure to shave within the first five minutes. If you wait too long then the exposure to steam will make it hard for your razor to get everything.
out of shaving cream? well go for the conditioner...seriously...do it, it works. every.time. good golly am I cheap! 


  1. All of these dresses are so cute! Love your blog.

  2. Wow i love all these dresses!

    Xo, Kristin

  3. cute post, the weather is just warming up here and i'm so excited to dig out all of my sweet sundresses to wear!! i really love the first one and the one with the red skirt and striped top. gorgeous. hope you had fun at the wedding!! <3shelby


  4. you have such a pretty blog.. and you look so gorgeous.. :) very beautiful. im following you.. :) hope u visit my blog and follow back.. :)



  5. I'm completely obsessing over the first dress! You can't go wrong with poppies!


  6. Oooh I love all of these dresses (the colors are amazing especially that mustard yellow one) but my fave is definitely that first dress :)

  7. What a cute dresses and I would love to wear the striped one righ now. So so so pretty! happy tuesday, darling