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Saturday, May 21

A is for anthropologie

dress:Ross Belt:thrifted cardi:Gap Shoes: Guess

p.s. gotta a new 'do!

anthro inspiration

alright it's confession time ladies: i know everyone drools over those anthropologie catalogs. So I had to dedicate at least one post to them. I wanted to try to replicate their look...without the price tag :] Good gosh I love Ross...my dress was eight bucks there. It was such a good deal, that Alyssa even got one haha. In red of course, and no we don't wear them on the same day. 

Someday ladies, I'll be an anthropologie shopper...but for now i'm keepin my wallet happy. I remember my first time in one of their practically perfect stores, little me didn't even know about the existance of anthropologie until I was looking up at the sign on the door. 

I had a witness to my discovery of all things perfectly fashionable. And her name is Jamie: 

And it happened to be on the first day I met her. 

there we were walking around the mall, while my brother - and her boyfriend- was at a church meeting. 
i'm pretty sure she had no idea just who exactly her boyfriend just left her with. 

then i saw it.

holy momma even the sign out front was FAN-CY

i felt like i was Charlie in Willa Wonka's magical candy land. but better...because, well, hello? clothes?
anthro had turned shopping into an art. 
everything was just set up so...perfectly and i was even oohing and ahhing over the doorknobs.
seriously, i was. those doorknobs were gorgeous.
 and i AM buying one for at least one door in my house someday.
Jamie and I had a blast looking at everything; well I think Jamie just was incredibly entertained/slightly scared 
of how excited I was to finally meet anthropologie
luckily my celeste-ness didn't scare her off AND....
now she's my sissy-in-law

guess who'll be helping me pick out my doorknobs someday? haha


  1. Aw, you are too pretty! I LOVE this dress! xo

  2. I looooooooove anthropologie. So much. :) Good find on the Ross dress! I need help in shopping at those ross and the likes. I'm too impatient.

  3. I'm totally a girl of bargains. That dress is almost better than the anthro one, really. It looks darling and who can go wrong with $8?

  4. Wow beautiful !! Love this outfit a lot.. and your hair is super cute!


  5. NICE find! LOVE anthro too girl. I am so lucky to have one near me but will be so sad to be moving away from it.

  6. I love this dress on you!! You look gorgeous...anthropologie can never do wrong.

  7. thanks for such a sweet comment on my blog!! i'm so glad you found it... yours is AMAZING!! i love this dress and cannot believe it was eight bucks. it looks so much like the anthro one! and looks great belted with the cardigan. and i am going to try your banana ice cream as soon as i unpack my knife and mixer haha. <3shelby


  8. Your hair looks super cute and I adore that dress on you, darling. Have a great Monday. Kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a cute scarf GIVEAWAY later today! Just in time for summer!

  9. wonderful outfit!! i love your dress <3 and lovely photos!!

  10. I LOVE the design on this dress! The color is also very different from a lot of dresses I've seen lately. Kudos pretty lady! <3

  11. I too am addicted to Ross, cuuuuuuuute stuff for awesome prices, love love love! You got style my dear!

  12. I love Ross for their dresses! Score!

  13. For a minute, I thought it was the same dress! I love the way you styled it! & Ross is amazing. I found a dress there for 5 bucks once!


  14. Stopping by from The Shine Project! Beautiful photos!!

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